Virtual Workshops

RIMS virtual workshops offer practical, instructor-led educational sessions to help advance your risk management expertise. These convenient online workshops provide an interactive learning environment that includes polling, live chat and break-out rooms.

Virtual Workshops Offered by RIMS



Gain an edge with the RIMS-CRMP, the only internationally accredited risk management certification. Earning the RIMS-CRMP demonstrates your knowledge of risk management competencies and commitment to quality.

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This preparatory workshop prepares risk professionals to obtain the RIMS-Certified Risk Management Professional for Federal Government (RIMS-CRMP-FED) credential. As ERM continues to grow in importance in the federal government, it becomes critical that federal professionals are knowledgeable.

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Claims Management

Build a world-class claims administration program by identifying opportunities to improve outcomes through effective control of claim activities, enhanced interaction with ancillary experts, including defense counsel, and knowledgeable presentation of loss factors. risk management.

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Contractual Risk Transfer

In this intermediate level course, attorneys at law will address the process of risk transfer, indemnity clauses, uses of insurance, and fundamentals of contract review. By the end of the workshop, you will learn how to understand and draft a contract that effectively transfers risk while reducing your company’s exposure to loss.

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Fundamentals of Insurance

As one of the main forms of risk transfer, insurance is a complex and critical part of the foundation of any risk management program. This workshop covers the basics of insurance, from insurance terms and concepts to what’s included in a policy and which types are available.

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Risk Appetite Management

Risk appetite is considered an important component of defining business strategy. In this workshop, you will develop a knowledge base of information to build your Risk Appetite Management (RAM) strategy to use within your executive Risk Management policy. We provide examples of templates, reports, etc. that are used by RIMS member companies.

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RIMS Workers' Compensation Virtual Workshop

Workers' Compensation

This workshop will enable you to support the goals of your organization by reducing costs relative to work-related accidents. You will also implement techniques to improve processes surrounding work-related injuries such as compensability, containment of medical costs, reduction of indemnity, and time lost from work.

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