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A World of Opportunity at RISKWORLD!

You'll find 100+ hours of the broadest selection of sessions developed for all career levels and led by distinguished thought-leaders and industry luminaries in San Francisco, April 10-13. Register before February 18 for the best rates.


As we navigate the challenges posed by the spread of COVID-19, RIMS is here to support you during this time.
If you are a member, and your position or organization has been impacted in a way that would affect your membership, 
please contact our Membership department as we have options available to you.


In-Person Workshops

RIMS is pleased to welcome back in-person workshops. Led by experienced instructors in an interactive learning environment, our workshops cover a variety of practical topics including contractual risk transfer, enterprise risk management, fundamentals of insurance and more. Seating is limited.

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As the world around us evolves, so does the severity of threats. Find the solutions, strategies and insights that will help you protect your organization now (and down the line) at RISKWORLD™, the reimagined conference and exhibition from RIMS. Join us in San Francisco April 10-13.

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Are You Prepared for the Changing Environmental Risk Landscape?

The COP26 summit set clear priorities for both governments and businesses in terms of regulatory change and energy transition targets. ESG considerations create new regulatory, operational, and reputational risks and the insurance industry can play a vital role in helping you to identify risk priorities and navigating the emerging environmental risk landscape.

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Risk Knowledge

RIMS Buyers Guide: Search | Find | Succeed

RIMS Buyers Guide is a comprehensive online resource for risk professionals. Find a solutions provider by browsing robust profiles with company descriptions, white papers, articles, videos and more.

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ANSI/ASIS/RIMS Risk Assessment Standard

The ANSI/ASIS/RIMS Risk Assessment Standard provides guidance on developing and sustaining a coherent and effective risk assessment program, including principles, managing an overall risk assessment program, and performing individual risk assessments, along with confirming risk assessor competencies and understanding biases.

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Understanding and Adapting to the Needs of Your Remote Workforce

This RIMS report shares the perspectives of risk professionals and their experiences managing teams during these unprecedented times. The report also explores the tendencies of introverts and extroverts, team dynamics, personas, as well as steps to more effectively embrace a remote workforce.

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Your risk management journey

Wherever you are in your risk management journey, we have the resources, tools, events, and certifications to help you.


January 03, 2022

Patrick Sterling will serve as RIMS 2022 President. He shares his goals for the upcoming year, as well as his commitment to ensuring that the Society continues to set strategies to develop confidence-boosting resources and opportunities that empower the global risk community.

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