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Tools for Risk Professionals

Zurich Multinational Insurance Application (MIA)

Zurich Multinational Insurance Application (Zurich MIA) is an award-winning tool that provides a constantly updated view of the widely different insurance and premium tax laws and regulations that apply in countries around the world where you operate. (RIMS Professional Members can now access the Zurich Multinational Insurance Application for free.)

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RIMS Professional Growth Model

The model provides a guideline for risk management professionals – and the organizations that employ them – about the professional knowledge, skills and abilities that support risk management career development and growth.

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RIMS Core Competency Model

The core competency model was recently redesigned and re-released by RIMS, with key contributions coming from the Rising Risk Professionals advisory council and the Enterprise Risk Management Committee.

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RIMS DE&I Council Chapter Presentation

RIMS DE&I Council Chapter Toolkit

Driving intentional and inclusive thought leadership means moving with intention— advocating an approach to diversity, equity and inclusion that is supported by accountability and action. Find strategies for building a framework and driving conversations that will attract future diverse leaders, while also developing inclusive leadership competencies.

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RIMS-CRMP Overview Course

Refresh your risk management knowledge. Prepare for the RIMS-Certified Risk Management Professional (RIMS-CRMP) certification exam at your own pace with this online course.

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Corporate Business Continuity Policy Template

A generic BCM policy template for risk managers who are formulating their own policies.

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ERM Program Self-Assessment Checklist

ERM Program Self-Assessment Checklist from RIMS' "Applying and Integrating ERM" Virtual Workshop

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Managing Cognitive Bias Risk – Recognition & Avoidance Essentials

EGRIP Method Overview/Tool

EGRIP Method Overview/Tool from RIMS' "Managing Cognitive Bias Risk – Recognition & Avoidance Essentials" Virtual Workshop

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How to Build Simulated ORSA

Worksheet from RIMS' "Own Risk & Solvency Assessment (ORSA)" Virtual Workshop

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