Leveraging Data and Analytics for Continuous Risk Management

Virtual Workshop




Date & Time
Thursday, February 4, 2021 | 9:00 am – 1:00 pm EST
(Please note the date of this workshop has changed from February 5 to February 4.)

Registration Fees
RIMS Members: $385 USD | Non-members: $587 USD

Data, big and small, is truly a corporate asset. Risk management professionals have been analyzing their data for decades. But increased volumes, new technologies and advanced analytic methods provide additional opportunities and challenges creating the need to take on an even more active role in “owning” and getting more value from enterprise risk and related data.

This course will review how risk management professionals can apply leading practices to take ownership of risk data, effectively explore and promote its uses, and leverage it both internally for improved awareness and risk management, as well as better present their overall exposures externally to their brokers and insurers to optimize their risk management programs.

It will also review a framework and tools to drive more value from data and analytics from continuous risk management.


  • Review new data analytics trends and capabilities (data, technologies, analytic skills, advanced analytics methodologies)
  • Understand risk data and analytics uses/applications and potential value in continuous risk management
  • Learn challenges in leveraging data and analytics assets and capabilities
  • Apply practices for effective ownership of risk management data and applied analytics (processes, frameworks, tools)


  • Data Analytics Trends & Capabilities
  • Continuous Enterprise Risk Management
  • Data & Analytics Challenges in ERM
  • Key ERM Data & Analytics Opportunities
  • Defining Enterprise Risk Management Requirements
  • Critical Success Factors for Continuous Risk Management
  • Effective Data Ownership & Application for Enterprise Risk Management


Risk management professionals who are interested in learning about the value of data and analytics.


RIMS Members: $385 USD
Non-Members: $587 USD

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