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November 2 – 3 | 9:00 am – 2:00 pm ET
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Lorie Graham, Chief Risk Officer and Vice President of Product Development, American Agricultural Insurance Company
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Today’s business environment is rapidly evolving. There is intense pressure to respond to strategic, cultural, technological, environmental and market changes. A well-devised risk appetite framework provides a way for your company to link strategy and risk management, strengthening risk culture and enhancing performance in these turbulent times.

This course teaches you how to navigate the complex and critical area of risk appetite management and how to develop a risk appetite framework that clarifies your company’s position on risk taking. Learn how to construct risk appetite and risk tolerance statements, which will guide your company’s decisions aligning risks to strategic and business objectives.

These statements help protect organizations against solely pursuing single, narrow goals without considering potential consequences as they pursue rewards for an “appropriate” level of risk. What is appropriate and acceptable for one organization may be unacceptable to another.


  • Live online training
  • Interactive ZOOM meetings
  • 10 minute breaks every hour and an hour lunch
  • Group exercises, polling and chat



In this class you will learn how to identify key metrics that can be used to build risk appetite and risk tolerance statements. Course participants will walk away with the ability to:

  • Navigate the dynamic universe of risk appetite criteria using a proven set of common methods
  • Determine the differences and correlations of the terms risk appetite, risk tolerance, targets and thresholds
  • Develop approaches for overcoming obstacles
  • Explore tools for your own risk context
  • Construct a risk appetite and risk tolerance framework


This executive-level course will, among other things, show you how to devise well-defined and well-thought-out risk appetite and tolerance practices. In addition, it will teach you how to:

  • Encourage organizations to take measured risks in order to generate value and avoid intolerable losses.
  • Align stakeholders (e.g., the board, senior management, shareholders) on the amount and type of risk the organization is willing to take.
  • Create awareness about — and actions to prevent — excessive levels of risk that could lead to adverse consequences.


  • Cultivate a Risk Appetite Management Mindset
  • Linking Strategy to Risks
  • Risk Appetite Framework, Relationship to Strategy & Accountability
  • Governance and Culture – Drive Risk Taking Attitudes and Tolerances
  • Five-Step Risk Appetite Development Process Construction
  • Risk Appetite Management Strategic Value Communication
  • Employ Risk Appetite Management – Enable Strategic Decision Making


  • Risk executives
  • Strategy leaders
  • CFOs
  • Senior-level risk staff
  • Risk consultants


November 2 – 3

RIMS Members: $1,860 USD
Non-Members: $2,260 USD


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