Annual Reports

As we close out the decade, we find ourselves on the precipice of a massive global transformation.

Our businesses have become more sophisticated. They are more connected, more global and have embraced innovative technologies that amplify productivity and services. However, despite greater efficiencies, innovation and ingenuity, the level of uncertainty engulfing our environments has matched that sophistication and, in some cases, exceeded it.

The simultaneous evolution of both business and business risks has elevated risk management, highlighting it as a critical business function that directly impacts resilience, sustainability and, also, growth. Today’s risk professional must be ready to adapt, to embrace change and support strategic decision-making so that our organizations are prepared to traverse new challenges and emerge stronger.

As the risk professional’s role continues to evolve, RIMS has remained centered on advancing the profession by identifying opportunities that empower our community to become the architects of their company’s long-term value creation stories.

From global endeavors that facilitate the exchange of ideas, to strengthening knowledge and learning opportunities, advocacy and other strategic initiatives, the Society remains at the forefront of risk management. RIMS continues to set standards, whether through its participation in professional framework development projects or the expansion of the RIMS-CRMP certification program.

As a united professional community, we must continue the momentum and confidently and courageously step into this new decade willing to do what it takes to evolve into our potential. Risk professionals must dare ourselves to be different, to think differently and to challenge norms. And, as the C-suite and boardroom doors begin to open, our thinking, approaches, and skills must be ready to exceed all expectations.

RIMS success hinges on the dedication and passion of the global risk management community who generously serve as chapter leaders, on our committees and councils and on our Board of Directors. Together, we can confidently step out of our comfort zones and move forward knowing that RIMS is committed to us, and our unique risk management journeys.

Risk professionals continue to make an undeniable impact on the businesses they work for, the world they live in, and the people they serve. We could not be more proud of this progress and our community’s commitment to professional excellence.

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Laura Langone

Laura Langone
RIMS 2020 President


Mary Roth
RIMS Chief Executive Officer