Explore this series of interviews to discover why these risk professionals earned their RIMS-CRMP certifications and what the process was like for them.

nowell seaman
 Nowell Seaman
Past RIMS President Nowell Seaman, FCIP, CRM, RIMS-CRMP, remains incredibly active in the Society. A risk professional with more than 25 years of experience, his knowledge is expansive and it is certainly fitting that he is the instructor for both two-day RIMS-CRMP Preparation Workshops offered by Ontario RIMS (ORIMS) in Toronto on March 23–24 and March 25–26. Read more.
Valerie Fox
 Valerie Fox
Ontario RIMS (ORIMS) President Valerie Fox, RIMS-CRMP, has been a risk professional for more than 40 years. One key initiative during her term as chapter president in 2019 was to generate awareness and enthusiasm for the RIMS-CRMP. She launched the “60-in-60 Challenge,” which will continue into 2020. Read more.
Susan Hiteshew Susan Hiteshew
Susan Hiteshew, ARM, RIMS-CRMP, is one of the most passionate RIMS members you are likely to meet. A RIMS board member and frequent presenter at society events, the self-professed “insurance nerd” jumped at the opportunity to take the RIMS-CRMP exam when it launched in 2016. Read more.
Joe Mayo Joe Mayo
RIMS sat down with Joe Mayo, the principal of J.W. Mayo Consulting and author of Chaos to Clarity: The Tao of Risk Management, to discuss how the process of earning the RIMS-CRMP has enhanced his view of the profession and how it has benefitted his already prestigious career. Read more.