RIMS Treasurer Jennifer Santiago on the Benefits of the RIMS-CRMP

240x240-Jennifer-SantiagoJennifer Santiago was among the first to take the RIMS-CRMP exam in 2016 and has since recertified to maintain an active certification status. She is now the head of risk management and safety at Wakefern Food Corp. and RIMS Treasurer, having sat on the society’s board for several years.

She discussed why she lobbied so hard to launch the RIMS-CRMP, how the certification enhances her professional profile and offers tips on recertification.


RIMS: What inspired you to study for the RIMS-CRMP?

Santiago: I have been passionate and committed to RIMS for so many years and advocated at the Board of Directors level for the Society to create a risk management certification that would serve to validate the knowledge of a risk manager, enhance their reputation and provide a competitive advantage for employment.

RIMS staff and experts worked very hard to build and develop the certification and work with the ANSI accreditation board to create the best possible risk management certification. I applied shortly after the certification was approved, studied all of the domains while incorporating new and existing knowledge, and then sat for the exam. It was a great day when I learned that I had passed!


RIMS: How does the RIMS-CRMP enhance your professional profile?

Santiago:The RIMS-CRMP is the premier risk management certification, and it represents my knowledge and experience, not only on a one-time basis when passing the exam, but through continuous learning every year to maintain the certification. For me, it represents my commitment to learning and development and it shows my employer how serious I am about my profession.


RIMS: How does the RIMS-CRMP help you in your daily risk responsibilities?

Santiago: At its core, risk managers must understand the business they are working in including the organizational model, value chain and strategic priorities. I have found this to be foundational to the RIMS-CRMP and of critical importance as you take on new risk management roles.
In my current role, I lead a large team of risk management, claims and safety professionals. The frameworks, risk processes and techniques that comprise domains of the RIMS-CRMP are critical to my day job in framing and building a risk management program for my organization. The knowledge that I have gained is critical to my success.


RIMS: How were your employers supportive of your pursuing the certification? How did they enable you?

Santiago: My employers have fully supported my pursuit of the RIMS-CRMP and the continuous learning requirements to maintain the certification. The continuing education components of the certification are great because they not only encourage your own learning but also recognize the importance of sharing that knowledge with other risk professionals through presentations at conferences, authoring publications and other thought leadership outlets.


RIMS: What were your impressions of the recertification process?

Santiago: The best tip I can give on recertification is to keep a running list for yourself of the conferences, presentations, publications and other activities that qualify for recertification points. When you have free time, go into the recertification portal and enter the information as you go, and not wait to enter all that information when your certification is about to expire; or worse, try to recall all that information when the deadline is looming.


RIMS: What advice would you give to anyone considering taking the exam now?

Santiago: The added flexibility in being able to take the RIMS-CRMP exam remotely makes the whole process much easier today in our fast-paced, hectic lifestyles. It’s a more inclusive way to offer the exam allowing risk manager’s all over the world to participate in the RIMS-CRMP.


RIMS-CRMP holders should register for the Recertification: Keep Your RIMS-CRMP Active webinar, which will be complimentary for all on November 1, 2021 from 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm EDT.


Interview by Justin Smulison, RIMS Business Content Manager