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RIMS 2021 Awards Nominations

At RIMS 2021, we will honor individuals, organizations and chapters for their outstanding achievements in risk management. Nominations are due Thursday, January 7, 2021.

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As we navigate the challenges posed by the spread of COVID-19, RIMS is here to support you during this time.
If you are a member, and your position or organization has been impacted in a way that would affect your membership, 
please contact Client Services at as we have options available to you.


RIMS ERM Virtual Conference | On Demand

Missed the ERM conference? You can still access sessions on-demand. Get real-world education from practitioners to strengthen your enterprise risk management (ERM) program and protect your organization in turbulent times.

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Webinar | RIMS Advocacy Presents: Privacy Compliance, Post Election

This webinar will analyze the privacy compliance landscape following the 2020 elections. Panelists will discuss state privacy laws that will go into effect in 2021 and federal privacy laws anticipated for the next congress.

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Operational Resilience: The CEO Imperative to Protect, Change and Grow

Operational resilience – often described as the ability to prevent, respond to, recover and learn from operational disruptions – has become a top priority for firms across all industries. Attend this webinar on December 10 and learn why operational resilience is not a fixed destination but a unique journey for each organization.

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Risk Knowledge

Closing the Gaps on Reputational Risk Management

RIMS, Airmic and The RepTrak Company launched a joint effort to answer the question: Why are risk professionals struggling with reputational risk management, and what are the missing elements they need? Download this white paper to find out.

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Risk Leaders Series

This new audio interview series delves into the challenges of prominent and influential risk professionals. These interviews explore events and experiences using risk management techniques, methods and frameworks to solve major crisis.

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RIMS Report: Understanding and Adapting to the Needs of Your Remote Workforce

This report shares the perspectives of risk professionals and their experiences managing teams during these unprecedented times. The report also explores the tendencies of introverts and extroverts, team dynamics, personas, as well as steps to more effectively embrace a remote workforce.

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Your risk management journey

Wherever you are in your risk management journey, we have the resources, tools, events, and certifications to help you.


November 05, 2020

In science, catalysts either speed up or slow down a reaction without being consumed in the process. Isn’t that what we do as risk professionals? RIMS President Laura Langone provides an update on new initiatives and programs that support risk professionals catalyze our world.

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