Zurich Multinational Insurance Application (MIA)

Zurich Multinational Insurance Application (Zurich MIA) is an award-winning tool that provides a constantly updated view of the widely different insurance and premium tax laws and regulations that apply in countries around the world where you operate. (RIMS Professional Members can now access the Zurich Multinational Insurance Application for free.)

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Broadening Horizons...

By making it quicker and easier to access this crucial information, Zurich MIA provides the know-how you need to help ensure your insurance solutions are sustainable and your global interests are protected.

Key Benefits

  1. Critical information

    Helps you understand available options when structuring a cross-border program

  2. Tax information

    Know the percentage of tax to be paid for your out-of-territory coverage

  3. Essential insights

    Making you better informed about loss adjustment and claims activities permitted in specific countries

  4. Instant solutions

    Quick updates on relevant insurance and tax requirements for specific countries and business scenarios

  5. Better-informed decisions

    With answers to key questions that effect business development and expansion

  6. Quick answers

    Helps enabling you to respond rapidly to regulatory or tax authority inquiries

  7. Valuable information

    On insurer-paid premium tax protocols, laws governing claims payments, loss adjustments, etc. 

Requesting MIA access through RIMS requires some processing time to confirm a requestor's eligibility and grant access.

If you have already received access to MIA, please click here to log in.


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