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Applying for the RIMS-CRMP

Ready to become a RIMS-Certified Risk Management Professional? Congratulations on making a decision that will increase your career trajectory and establish you as a credible, ethical member of the profession. Start now to join an elite group of risk professionals.

Here's the process:

1. Review the eligibility requirements.

2. If you are eligible, complete the online application.

The application includes the following sections:
• Applicant Contact Information
• Code of Ethics, Disclosure and Attestations
• Higher Academic Education
• Qualifying Employment Experience
Payment (Your application cannot be approved until payment is made.)

Before you start your application, make sure your supporting documents are ready. Depending on your eligibility, you are required to provide one or more of the following:
• Official university transcript
• Letter from the Registrar confirming dates of attendance—grades not required. (Copies of photographs of a diploma will not be accepted.)
Employment verification form (Supervisor or HR Manager signature required)

Apply Now​​​​​

3. After you’re approved, sign up for the exam.

You can select an exam date within a six-month timeframe as long as it is during an exam window. The RIMS-CRMP certification exam is offered four times per year, and each test window is open for approximately 60 days.

2019 Test Windows
January 14 – March 16
April 15 – June 15
July 15 – September 14
October 14 – December 14

The RIMS-CRMP exam is available as a computer-based test at Pearson VUE Test Centers around the world.
Find your exam location.


4. Prepare for the exam.

Review the exam domains and required reading to decide what you should study based on your risk management knowledge. Then download the Study Guide.


5. Take the exam at your local Pearson VUE Test Center and pass.

After you pass the exam, we will send you a certificate suitable for display and your RIMS-CRMP lapel pin. Your RIMS-CRMP Certification is valid for two years.

Apply Now​​​​​

Questions? Contact

Commitment to Impartiality:
  • RIMS membership is not a prerequisite for certification.
  • Achieving certification does not constitute RIMS membership.
  • RIMS and RIMS-CRMP does not discriminate on the basis of sex, race, religion, national origin, marital status or physical disabilities.
  • RIMS understands the importance of impartiality in carrying out its certification activities, manages conflicts of interest and ensures the objectivity of its certification activities.