RIMS-Certified Risk Management Pro

Sample Justification Letter

Use the sample letter below as a starting point for creating your request to earn the RIMS-CRMP certification. Copy and paste the document into an email or Word document and personalize it as necessary. This letter will help outline the value that earning the RIMS-CRMP provides not just to you as a risk professional, but to your entire organization.



Dear [Manager/Supervisor’s Name]:


I recently learned about the RIMS-Certified Risk Management Professional (RIMS-CRMP), a globally-accredited risk management certification from RIMS, the risk management society.


I would like to earn the RIMS-CRMP to demonstrate my performance ability, technical knowledge, and competence in managing risk to make an even greater impact at [company name].


What differentiates this certification from other risk credentials is that the RIMS-CRMP:

  • Measures clear practical skills in risk management, risk assessment, risk finance, and program development.
  • Reflects a stronger and more focused enterprise-wide (hazard, operational, market, human capital, and reputational) strategic perspective.
  • Meets international standards with its ANSI accreditation under ISO/IEC 17024:2012.
  • Requires biennial recertification, which ensures continued competence.

This certification will also benefit the organization by building stakeholder confidence and preparing risk professionals to create an agile risk program that aligns with our strategic goals.


The RIMS-CRMP is valid for two years and can be renewed by obtaining 50 points from numerous professional development activities. The exam fee is $375 for RIMS members and $525 for non-members, which includes the $100 application fee. [Add this if you plan to attend a workshop or the self-paced course:] Exam preparation workshops are not required, but to give myself the best chance for success I’d like to attend an upcoming prep workshop on [course dates] which will cost [fee].


This is a worthwhile investment that will create real value for [company name]. Thank you for considering my request.


You can find the description, benefits, and exam content for the RIMS-CRMP certification here: www.RIMS.org/Certification.



[Your Name]


Contact RIMS-CRMP@RIMS.org