RIMS-Certified Risk Management Pro

RIMS-CRMP Exam Information

The RIMS-CRMP exam is open to anyone who meets the eligibility requirements. All RIMS-CRMP candidates must have prior authorization from the RIMS-CRMP Certification Department to take the examination. The two-hour exam consists of 120 questions. Candidates must achieve a score of 71% or higher to pass the exam.

Computer-Based Exams

The computer-based exam is proctored by Pearson VUE. Testing centers are located throughout the United States, Canada, and around the globe.

The candidate must present two forms of ID to the examination proctor and meet all other test security requirements at the examination location (a list of acceptable forms of identification can be found in the RIMS-CRMP Certification Handbook). Additional details on taking the examination are provided to candidates in the email they receive from the RIMS-CRMP Certification Department once their application is approved.

Remote Exams

For online proctored exams, candidates must check-in thirty (30) minutes before the examination start time, when the examination check-in window opens. They may test at their home residence or in their office of employment. Candidates must download the OnVUE software and conduct a systems check to make sure the computer is ready for the test. They will take photos of their government-issued ID and testing environment, as well as a headshot.

Candidates will be monitored by a certified proctor via webcam and microphone throughout the test to ensure the integrity and security of the exam experience. Learn more about the remote exam.

​Preparing for the Exam

Candidates should decide what they want to read and study based on their knowledge of the risk management discipline. The domains and related reading material listed below can be used to guide your preparation for the examination.​

Additionally, candidates may use the RIMS-CRMP Study Guide to prepare.​


Exam Blueprint

A. Analyzing the Organizational Model16%
A1. Obtain Internal Organizational Information 
A2. Obtain External Information About Organization 
A3. Conduct Internal Analyses on the Organization 
A4. Assess Organizational Resilience 
B. Designing Organizational Risk Strategies26%
B1. Determine Risk Appetite and Tolerance 
B2. Develop Risk Strategy Approach 
B3. Define Organizational Risk Competency and Capabilities 
B4. Design Risk Management Framework 
B5. Obtain Organizational Support for Risk Strategy 
B6. Design Implementation Plan 
B7. Develop Risk Communication Plan 
C. Implementing Risk Process32%
C1. Identify Scope, Context, and Criteria 
C2. Identify Risks and Opportunities  
C3. Analyze Identified Risk 
C4. Evaluate Risk 
C5. Collaborate with Stakeholders to Identify Risk Solution Options  
C6. Monitor Organizational Risk 
D. Developing Organizational Risk Competency16%
D1. Engage Organization's Risk Network 
D2. Deliver Risk Training  
D3. Coach Organization on the Risk Process and Techniques  
D4. Continuously Improve Risk Management Process  
D5. Integrate Risk Management into Day-to-Day Operations  
E. Supporting Decision Making10%
E1. Influence Risk-Based Decision Making  
E2. Advise on Risk and Resilience Decisions  

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Authorized Testing Timeframe & Locations

You can select an exam date within your authorized six-month timeframe. The RIMS-CRMP certification exam is offered throughout the year.


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