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Eligibility and Requirements

To earn the CRM designation, candidates need to complete three foundational courses, and pass a standardized exam for each course.​
Topics covered:

  • Introduction to risk management
  • Risk management standards and guidelines
  • Hazard risk
  • Operational, financial, and strategic risk
  • Risk management framework and process
  • Risk identification, analysis, and treatment
  • Big data analytics for managing risk
  • Monitoring and reporting on risk

The courses, and the three correspo​nding exams, are based upon the content from the below listed books, written and published by The Institutes.​

  • CRM-54 Risk Management Principles and Practices (Edition 3)
  • CRM-55 Risk Assessment and Treatment (Edition 2)
  • CRM-56 Risk Financing​ (Edition 6)

Steps for obtaining the CRM designation: 
Step 1: Create an online profile here.
Step 2: Enroll in each course at a CRM Course Provider that offers the required CRM courses listed below.
Step 3: Access CRM Exam Registration page, select an exam and pay the testing and processing fee by credit card. (Exam fees are $155 (USD) for RIMS members and $175 (USD) for non-members.)
Step 4: GRMI will issue Prometric Testing Center location options and access instructions via email.
Step 5: Candidate enters the access code sent via email from GRMI into the Prometric site, selects an exam date, time and                      location.
To avoid delays, candidates may schedule their standardized exam(s) prior to finishing each course. However, please note that the CRM designation will not be awarded until courses and standardized exams are completed and final transcripts submitted.
Step 6: Candidate receives passing score of 70% or higher on all three exams.
Step 7: Mail an official copy of your transcript or grade report to GRMI, 1407 Broadway, 29th Floor, New York, NY 10018.​
Step 8: Access your Invoices​ page to pay the $100 USD CRM registration fee by credit card.

Note: ​
Please allow up to six weeks for processing of application material.