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Online Courses

RIMS Online Courses incorporate various mediums, case studies, practical exercises and articles. See the descriptions below for all of our online courses including, Risk Management Techniques, Designing an ERM Framework , Managing IT Risk & Cyber Threats and more.

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Risk Management Techniques

This course does not apply towards RIMS Fellow.
Junior level risk professionals and those who support the risk management process have an exciting new opportunity to focus on the basics of traditional risk management and position themselves to support broader goals of enterprise risk management and strategic decision making within their organization.

This 6 part online, multi-platform course takes no more than 3 hours to complete. Participants will learn about the purpose, concepts, and tools of the risk management process. Emphasis is given to supporting decision making and establishing the foundation for an enterprise risk management approach to the mitigation of traditional risks and exploitation of opportunities.
Course Modules:
  • Foundation - identify current trends and tools and techniques in risk management
  • Fundamentals - apply risk management process to organizational strategy
  • Understanding Risk as a Portfolio - recognize the importance of risk inter-connectedness
  • Risk Actions - use decision modeling techniques for risk actions
  • Retaining and Transferring Risk - consider risk retention and transfer within “acceptable boundaries”
  • Risk Planning and Decision Making - better manage uncertainty and decision quality in the context of your organization
Learning modules are presented in narrated screens with interactivity, definitions, examples, and brief knowledge checks. A personalized action planner will help you apply tools and techniques and organize opportunities for improvement. A glossary and bibliography will help guide future research and training, and all documents are available as pdf downloads.
By taking this course practitioners will:
  • Meet the expectations of internal and external stakeholders
  • Enable management to fulfill their complete role
  • Enable the board to fulfill its risk oversight responsibilities
  • Leverage risk as a competitive advantage
  • Improve the chance of achieving the organization’s mission and goals
  • Have the risk function seen as relevant and one that contributes to the company’s success
  • Become a more effective risk professional and make an impact across your organization
Target Audience
Junior Level Risk and Claims Professionals and risk management support staff
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Registration rates for the RIMS Risk Management Techniques Course:
RIMS Members: $129 (USD)  Non-members: $199 (USD)

Designing an Enterprise Risk Management Framework

​​Need to get an ERM program started or re-started? This interactive course will enable you to design a successful framework that will help you answer the following typical questions:

  • Before conducting that first risk assessment, what options should be considered?
  • How can you determine what type of risk attitude your organization exhibits?
  • What do you need to do to gain credibility and commitment for the program?
  • What specific design elements need to be in place?
  • How can you overcome certain common ERM obstacles?
Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Discuss how to modify traditional approaches to develop a more proactive risk management strategy
  • Analyze your organizations core values and identify how they affect risk taking attitudes, appetites and tolerances
  • Calculate the value added to your organization through implementation of an ERM program
  • Examine how governance drivers determine value in an organizations ERM strategy
  • Analyze the role of international, national and regional standards that insure risks are being managed effectively within your organization
  • Summarize the framework that serves as both a structure and a system to support your organizations strategic and operational ERM objectives
  • Examine the seven essential attributes of a successful ERM along a maturity spectrum
Who Should Attend
Executives, directors, and managers in risk management, strategic planning, finance, audit, legal, security, compliance and consultants contracted to implement ERM

What You Will Cover

  • Stages of the ERM success trajectory model
  • Inherent characteristics of risk
  • Benefits of an ERM program
  • Impact of an organization’s culture on risk management efforts
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Registration rates for the Designing an ERM Framework Course:
RIMS Members: $395 (USD)  Non-members: $525 (USD)

With travel and education budgets being cut and time becoming scarce, RIMS has developed these remote-learning options to meet the changing needs of today's professionals to be:

  • Flexible—24/7 access to material
  • Portable—downloadable files
  • Manageable—material presented in small manageable segments called modules
  • Interactive—online forum to network with the instructor and other participants

For details regarding these programs, visit the RIMS Online Courses info page.

RIMS Fellow designation A maximum of four online courses can be used for the RIMS Fellow designation. The online courses with the RF designation offer one RF designation credit. If you have any questions on the RIMS Fellow designation, please visit the RIMS Fellow Page.

RIMS Online Course Partners

RIMS has also partnered with other online course providers, found below. RIMS members receive a 10% discount on select third-party online course providers.


The Construction Risk and Insurance Specialist (CRIS) program is a continuing education curriculum focusing on the insurance and risk management needs of construction projects and contractors. Those who complete the program are entitled to display the CRIS designation to certify their knowledge of construction insurance and risk management as well as their dedication to the construction industry. Enter D823445 when asked for your special promotion code upon checkout.
The Institutes' Online Learning
In this fast-paced and ever-changing industry, you can't afford to have gaps in your technical knowledge—or the consequent gaps in your performance. The Institutes' online learning gives you timely and easy access to technical insurance knowledge that will help you be more productive and perform at a higher level. Use the promotional code RIMS12 at check out or when you call The Institutes’ customer service department at 1-800-644-2101

Management Liability Insurance Specialist (MLIS)
Designed for in-house risk managers or insurance buyers to gain specialized expertise in the fundamentals of professional liability insurance and the more specific nuances of directors and officers liability, employment, and fiduciary liability exposures and insurance. Enter B352233 when asked for your special promotion code upon checkout.


Risk Knowledge is a searchable library of relevant information for today's risk professionals. Available materials include RIMS Executive Reports, survey findings.

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