Managing Cognitive Bias Risk – Recognition & Avoidance Essentials

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Is cognitive bias hindering your ability to accurately assess risk?

Cognitive bias is a systematic pattern of deviation from using rationality in judgement. As human beings, we naturally and unconsciously use mental shortcuts to make quick decisions, so it is crucial that we learn to manage our cognitive bias - especially when it comes to evaluating risk and business decisions.

It is essential that risk management professionals be skilled in critical thinking and identify the impact that cognitive bias has on decision-making. This self-paced, online course will teach you how to recognize and distinguish the different types of biases, how they can negatively impact analysis and judgement, and how to manage them.


  • Introduction, Overview Objectives
  • Cognitive Perception Process
  • Cognitive Bias Risk (CBR)
  • Debiasing Techniques
  • CBR Communicating Planning
  • Synopsis & Close

Walk away with the expertise you need to elevate your critical thinking skills for both yourself and your organization.   


  • Discussions and exercises with likeminded professionals on emerging risks and illusions vs reality
  • Acquiring the skills needed to recognize the impact of perception on analysis and judgement
  • Training on how differentiate between individual Cognitive Bias Risk, or CBR, social CBR, strategic CBR and tactical CBR
  • Expertise on the impact of Cognitive Bias Risks on risk assessment judgements and decision-making
  • Understanding debiasing techniques and best practices to reduce CBR impact 
  • Immediate development of a communication plan to convey CBR impact factors to stakeholders
  • Measurable progress with the self-assessment scorecards
  • Assessment of your own and/or your organizations CBR factors
  • Self-paced learning for a personalized and beneficial experience
  • Access to the course for six months after purchase


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