Online Courses

RIMS Online Courses conveniently bridge the distance gap in era of widespread digital communication. Courses incorporate various mediums, case studies, demos, practical exercises and articles. They make education accessible and allow you to manage your learning experience with your schedule.

The online courses incorporate various elements such as audio, animations, and simulations, as well as PDFs, exercises and assessments. 

The material is presented in manageable segments called modules. Unlike the traditional classroom, online learning allows for self-directed learning; in other words, you can choose to go through the course from the beginning to the end (linear) or you can take the course by completing only those modules that are of the most interests to you (non-linear). The online courses range between 10-30 hours in duration. All courses are available for six months after purchase.


Courses Offered by RIMS

Applying and Integrating ERM

Learn how to reimagine ERM programs and turn theory into practice by creating and applying a practical enterprise risk management (ERM) framework. This self-paced online course prepares you to develop and integrate a practical ERM approach that creates and protects organizational value while improving efficiencies.

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Designing an Enterprise Risk Management Framework

This online course will approach ERM as a strategic business plan and process to be used within an organization's existing governance and culture, while supporting its strategic and operational objectives. It will also focus on how to implement a robust and value-added ERM framework.

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Fundamentals of Insurance Overview

This online course is designed for the participant to acquire a solid understanding of property and casualty insurance as a key risk financing tool. The online course will cover insurable risks, the insurance transaction, liability concepts, standard property and casualty insurance policies, and best practice approaches in protecting an organization through insurance.

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Introduction to Cyber Risk and ​Data Security​

This online course is designed for the participant to acquire an introductory understanding of Cyber Risk and Data Security. The online course will cover various facets of cyber risk and data security including privacy, security, information management, e-discovery and more.

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Managing Cognitive Bias Risk – Recognition & Avoidance Essentials

Managing cognitive bias, especially as it relates to important business decisions, is imperative. In this online course, participants learn how to identify and incorporate debiasing techniques.

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Managing Worker Compensation, Employer's Liability and Employment Practices in the US

Gain techniques to reduce the risk associated with workers, including statutory workers compensation, employer’s liability, and employment practices liability.

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RIMS-CRMP Overview Course

Refresh your risk management knowledge. Prepare for the RIMS-Certified Risk Management Professional (RIMS-CRMP) certification exam at your own pace with this online course.

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RIMS-CRMP-FED Overview Course

Refresh your federal risk management knowledge. Prepare for the RIMS-Certified Risk Management Professional for Federal Government (RIMS-CRMP-FED) certification exam at your own pace with this four-part learning series.

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Risk Appetite Management

This senior-level online course teaches you how to navigate the complex and critical area of risk appetite management and how to develop a risk appetite framework that clarifies your company’s position on risk taking.

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Risk Management Techniques

This online multi-platform course covers the purpose, concepts, and tools of the risk management process. Emphasis is given to supporting decision making and establishing the foundation for an enterprise risk management approach to the mitigation of traditional risks and exploitation of opportunities.

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Risk Management Techniques for the Global Risk Professional

This online course was built for global risk professionals to not only focus on the basics of traditional risk management but also position themselves to support broader goals of enterprise risk management and strategic decision-making within their organization.

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