RIMS Educational Learning Paths

Risk management education is essential for professionals at every stage of their career. Our industry-leading curriculum uses the RIMS Risk Management Professional Core Competency Model to offer practical educational offerings for all risk professionals. Choose one of the recommended learning paths or create a personalized plan for your objectives.

Newcomer: Entry Level with 3 or Less Years of Experience

Entry level risk professionals are facilitators, helping either a person or organization do something more easily and enable others to think through one or more issues. Facilitators learn risk management models/standards and understand the basic intent and outcomes of effective risk management in organizations and the link to organizational value.

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Leader: Intermediate Level with 3-10 Years of Experience

Intermediate level risk professionals are risk leaders that inspires others’ behavior toward the organization’s goals. They are conversant in alternatives for accepting, avoiding, transferring, or sharing, modifying and exploiting risk, understanding the potential consequences in applying various tactics. Leaders know how to design and implement an integrated, customized risk management approach for the organization.

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Visionary: Advanced Level with 10+ Years of Experience

Executive level risk professionals are visionaries that recognize and analyze problems and make difficult choices under uncertain conditions in dynamic global environments. Visionaries are considered experts in all of the core competencies: Business insight, integrity/ethical judgement, communication, collaboration, and consultation.

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Motivator: Non-Risk Professional

Non-risk professionals are motivators who gain the ability to inspire self and others to pursue and deliver on the enterprise’s objectives. Motivators learn the fundamentals of risk management and insurance and are able to apply risk standards and frameworks within their organization.

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