RIMS-CRMP Code of Ethics

The RIMS-CRMP Certification Department issues the RIMS-CRMP Code of Ethics to outline ethical principles and rules for all persons who are certified by the Certification Commission to use the RIMS-CRMP designation. Agreement to uphold and abide by the Code of Ethics is a requirement for earning and maintaining certification. Implicit in a RIMS-CRMP’s acceptance of the certification is an obligation to comply with the mandates and requirements of all applicable laws and regulations, and to take the responsibility to perform all professional services and activities in an ethical manner. The RIMS-CRMP Code of Ethics is based on the standards of competence, honesty, trustworthiness, fairness, and professionalism.

As a RIMS-Certified Risk Management Professional or individual applying for RIMS-CRMP Certification, I agree to uphold and abide by the follow tenets:

  1. Perform professional duties in accordance with the laws and with integrity.
  2. Perform professional duties in a competent and ethical manner.
  3. Avoid acts or omissions amounting to unprofessional conduct.
  4. Avoid malicious conduct that would injure the professional reputation or practice of others.
  5. Provide complete and accurate information when applying for certification and recertification.
  6. Refrain from personal behavior that may compromise the integrity of the credential.
  7. Disclose to the Certification Commission in any criminal convictions, and disclose any other adjudication (including civil judgments or licensure orders) based on conduct that relates to my risk management duties, or relates to fraud, dishonesty, theft, abuse of trust; such disclosures will be made no later than 30 days after any conviction or adjudication that occurs after submission of my application.
  8. Abide and uphold the policies of the Certification Commission.
  9. Safeguard confidential and privileged information, and exercise due care to prevent its improper disclosure.
  10. Maintain competency requirements through recertification.
  11. Use the logo and certification marks only in an authorized and approved manner.
  12. Exhibit appropriate professional conduct in my interactions with all individuals whom I encounter in connection with my professional roles, such as clients, co-workers, and Certification Commission personnel, including by refraining from discrimination, harassment, or retaliation and by respecting appropriate professional boundaries in my interactions with clients and others.
  13. Not engage in cheating or other dishonest behavior that violates exam security (including unauthorized reproducing, distributing, displaying, discussing, sharing, or otherwise misusing test questions or any part of test questions) before, during, or after a Certification Commission examination.
  14. Cooperate with and respond to inquiries from the Certification Commission related to my own or another’s compliance with the Certification Commission’s policies and this Code of Ethics.
  15. Pay all fees and provide information required by the Certification Commission.


Contact RIMS-CRMP@RIMS.org