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Duty and Task Final % Breakdown on Exam​
A. Analyzing the Business Model​ 15%
​A1. Obtain internal organization information ​3%
​A2.​ Obtain external information about organization ​1%
​A3. Consolidate organizational information ​2%
​A4. Analyze operations of the organization/due diligence ​3%
​A5. Conduct benchmarking ​1%
A6.​ Describe and/or understand organization's value chain ​3%
​A7. Identify organizational uncertainties ​2%
B. Designing Organizational Risk Strategies​ 17%
​B1.​ Develop risk strategy approach 3%
​B2. Define organizational risk competency capabilities ​2%
B3​. Define success measures ​2%
​B4. Design risk governance ​2%
​B5. Design implementation plan ​2%
B6​. Develop risk communication strategy ​3%
​B7. Obtain organizational support for risk strategy ​3%
C. Implementing the Risk Process 35%
​C1.​ Identify risks ​6%
​C2. Analyze identified risk 6​%
​C3. Evaluate risk ​6%
​C4. Consult and create risk solutions ​6%
​C5. Monitor risk ​5%
​C6. Advise on risk management (e.g., strategic, enterprise, operational, business area, business initiatives) ​6%
D. Developing Organizational Risk Competency 16%
D1.​ Deliver risk training ​3%
​D2. Engage organization’s risk network (e.g., safety, security, business continuity, internal audit) ​3%
​D3. Coach organization on the risk process and techniques ​3%
​D4. Continuously improve risk management process ​3%
​D5. Integrate risk management into day-to-day operations ​4%
E. Supporting Decision-Making​ 17%
​E1. Influence risk-based decision-making 8​%
​E2. Facilitate risk discussions ​9​%