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ERM Special Edition

RIMS has published the new Risk Management Magazine ERM Special Edition for attendees of the RIMS ERM Conference 2023. This digital-exclusive publication features risk management content that is curated for professionals who want to boost their enterprise risk management knowledge and offers valuable insights on key issues ERM practitioners face.

RIMS offers a wide range of content to help risk professionals boost their practice of enterprise risk management. Check out these other resources for more on ERM:

RIMScast Episodes Featuring ERM Conference Presenters

Merline Barrington: All Roads Lead to ERM

Chris Mandel: ERM’s Value Proposition

Keynote Bob Roitblat: Harnessing Innovation’s Promise

Eleni Willis: ERM in Banking & Finance

Suzanne Christensen: Emerging Risks and Board Reporting

RIMS Strategic & Enterprise Risk Center

The Strategic and Enterprise Risk Center provides risk professionals with the knowledge, tools and resources to support their strategic and enterprise risk management (SERM) efforts. It includes interviews with ERM practitioners, the RIMS Risk Maturity Model, relevant articles, and other resources.
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Risk Management Magazine

Risk Management is the premier publication of analysis, insight and news for the risk management community. Risk Management explores the foundational and dynamic concepts and strategies used by those tasked with protecting the physical, financial, human and intellectual assets of their organizations, and provides in-depth insight into new and emerging risks to help risk and insurance professionals meet the evolving challenges of today’s business landscape. Read Enterprise Risk Management articles from Risk Management.

White Papers

Managing Alternate Futures with Scenario Planning

Let this new RIMS report guide you through the scenario planning journey. Learn about critical steps, key considerations, scenario planning types, and case studies. Explore the opportunities that generative artificial intelligence tools can add.

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Building a Strategic Risk Function

This report will provide practical insights on how to create a strategic risk function, including ways to engage executive leaders, collaborate across key risk areas, adopt a proactive risk management approach, implement risk metrics, and build a favorable risk culture.

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Navigating the Complexities of Emerging Risks

In a rapidly changing world, identifying and evaluating emerging risks is necessary to avoid future surprises and ensure the success of the organization in achieving its strategic objectives and delivering long-term value.

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Rethinking the Impact of Disruption on Enterprise Risk Management Tools and Processes

This RIMS Executive Report covers the basics of emerging risks and business disruption, the drivers of disruption, and what role the Strategic and Enterprise Risk Management practitioner can have in better preparing and managing corporate disruption.

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