RIMS Webinars feature risk management executives and professionals who share tips and tactics designed to educate and empower you, so that you can navigate any challenge your organization faces.

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ERM Implementation in a Fastrack Journey

Recology didn’t win the RIMS 2019 Global Enterprise Risk Management Award of Distinction by accident. The San Francisco-based resource recovery company continually elevates the concept of recycling thanks to a strategically launched ERM program, which you will learn all about.;

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Understanding Bank-Fronted Surety Bonds - Sponsored by Travelers

Join this webinar to gain an understanding of bank fronted surety bonds, a form of guarantee frequently used—and often required—in many business and regulatory situations.;

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How Are We Doing?

Given the speed of change, what worked yesterday may not work tomorrow. Learn from leading risk management professionals which diagnostic methods they use to benchmark, assess maturity and continuously improve their ERM programs. Gain insight into using these findings for productive internal conversations with leadership so that your efforts remain fit for purpose. Originally broadcast during the RIMS ERM Conference 2020. ;

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Unlocking the Power of Captives in your Risk Management Strategy - Sponsored by Zurich

Explore the structures and opportunities inherent in incorporating captive solutions into contemporary risk management strategies. Hear about the opportunities, benefits, and business case of captive participation. Included will be a look at the intersection of cyber risks market and issues associated with captives. ;

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Climate Change Impacts and Opportunities: What's Your Role as a Risk Manager? - Sponsored by AXA XL

Join us for this interactive discussion, sponsored by AXA XL, that dives into the interconnected risks and opportunities associated with a changing climate. We will look at the extent to which businesses have to balance growth with climate impacts. ;

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Beware of Artificial Intelligence - Sponsored by Nationwide

Learn how to reap the benefits of using artificial intelligence in the recruiting process while mitigating against legal risks at this webinar, sponsored by Nationwide.;

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The Risk of Diversity Mismanagement

Dr. Patrick F. McKay, Ph. D. explains the risk of managing diversity “by the numbers.” His research reveals how organizations can develop truly supportive diversity climates where people contribute fully to innovation, performance and effectiveness. Originally broadcast during the RIMS ERM Conference 2020. ;

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The Three Lines Model Rebooted

The IIA fully refreshed and updated its new Three Lines Model. Adapting the model to suit organizational objectives and circumstances, the update focuses on the contribution risk management makes to achieving objectives and creating value, as well as to matters of “defense” and protecting value. Originally broadcast during the RIMS ERM Conference 2020. ;

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A Conversation on Governance

The RIMS Strategic Enterprise and Risk Management Council and the Good Governance Academy proudly present a conversation about governance with Prof. (Judge) Mervyn E. King SC, Chairman, King Committee on Corporate Governance; Patron, Good Governance Academy, Chair Emeritus, IIRC & GRI and former Judge, Supreme Court of South Africa. Originally broadcast during the RIMS ERM Conference 2020. ;

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