RIMS webinars feature HR pros and other experts who share tips and tactics to help you recruit, retain, and manage your organization’s staff talent. If you missed a live webinar or want to see what we've featured in the past, all recordings are archived here.

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Upcoming Live Webinars

Gallagher CORE360 Insights: Preserving Liquidity, Safeguarding Cash Flow and Protecting the Balance Sheet

April 7, 2020

Organizational resilience has never been more important given the current state of affairs. Please join Gallagher to hear specific strategies on ways you can help your company preserve its liquidity, manage cash flow and ultimately protect the balance sheet in these difficult times.

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Webinar: How To Stay Ahead of Emerging Risks

April 9, 2020

This webinar on April 9 will review techniques for risk teams to implement and monitor leading indicators of emerging risk, effectively assess risk in real-time, choose the best course of action for mitigation based on historical data and trigger response plans. This webinar is sponsored by Resolver.

Defeat Blindspots and Cognitive Biases During COVID-19 and Pandemics

April 23, 2020

Join Dr. Gleb Tsipursky for a webinar about neuroscience-based strategies to evaluate the situation realistically and to develop a long-term strategic plan to successfully navigate the disruptions caused by the pandemic.

On Demand Webinars

Webinar: Cyber Risks On The Rise

On March 26, Milliman’s Cyber Risk Solutions Managing Director Chris Harner and Executive Risk Consultant Chris Beck will discuss data-driven approaches to model cyber risk that allow companies to quantify their potential financial losses. Accounting for the interconnected nature of cyber threats and vulnerabilities, Harner and Beck will discuss how causal modeling can add clarity to a company’s cyber risk.

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Webinar: Leveraging Data and Analytics for Continuous Risk Management

This webinar on March 5 will review how risk managers can apply leading practices to take ownership of their risk data, effectively explore and promote its uses, and leverage it both internally for improved awareness and risk management, as well as better present their overall exposures externally to their brokers and insurers to optimize their risk management programs.

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Webinar: The Behavioral Economics of Reputation Risk

Reputation risk threatens an organization's value through the economically-relevant changes in the behaviors of aggrieved and emotionally charged stakeholders. Attend this webinar on February 5 for compelling reasons why such strategies that call upon the skills and resources of governance, risk and finance professionals need to be at the forefront.

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Webinar: Immigration Risk & Compliance in the Trump Era

In 2019, President Trump directed federal agencies to "ensure that H-1B visas are awarded to the most skilled or highest paid beneficiaries." As a result, immigration enforcement actions against U.S. employers are on the rise. This live webinar on January 16 will help HR and risk professionals prepare for these inquiries and assist their organizations mitigate risk.

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Webinar: When Worlds Collide presented by ISACA and RIMS

The worlds of IT and risk management professionals are colliding, not in a destructive way, but in a way that can forge a constructive and symbiotic relationship through enterprise risk management practices. In some organizations, this relationship has yet to be fully realized. ISACA and RIMS team up in this webinar on January 7 to explore ways to bridge the digital risk gap through a common language and mutual understanding.

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A View From the Front Lines: How to Get Risk Owners More Engaged

Without good, accurate data from the business units that own the risks, it's hard to be confident in the enterprise risk reporting and analysis you are delivering. Last minute edits, chasing down data to increase confidence, and angry reminders can become an unwelcome part of your practice that distracts from more strategic work. Join Resolver and guest speakers for this live webinar to learn the techniques your peers are using to improve accountability and risk culture throughout their organizations.

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Risk Management and Quantifying Risks: The Actuarial Perspective

Quantitative analysis is a key part of risk management. Learn how to effectively leverage the actuarial skillset, including best practices in dialogue, the actuarial approach to quantifying risk, what you should expect from an actuary, and in particular, the role that actuaries play in helping Risk Managers focus their efforts in managing the company’s risk profile and ultimate liabilities.

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Financial Risk Management Fundamentals II

Online Learning Series, starts October 1st through October 22nd. A continuation of Financial Risk Management Fundamentals, this intermediate Financial Risk learning series is divided into four financial risk categories and will take place virtually over 4 weeks, culminating in a capstone class at the RIMS office in New York City.

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Tying Risk Management to Compensation Webinar

Executives and senior leadership are often compensated based on the performance of the organizations they lead. Profitability and revenue growth are key metrics that determine compensation, but how does incentive compensation impact risk management?

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Meeting the Protection Gap

In this webinar, Shankar Garigiparthy, the CEO & Country Manager for Lloyd’s India will provide a brief introduction to Lloyd’s and their City Risk Index, showing us the impact of the Natural/Man-made risks on a City’s GDP. Find out what global key risks could impact the GDP of Asia Pacific cities with a focus on major cities within India. Shankar will also highlight how the Lloyd’s Disaster Risk Facility can support in the development of resilience across some of the most vulnerable cities.

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