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President's Corner


Gloria Brosius, RIMS-CRMP is the Director, Risk Management and Insurance for Pinnacle Agriculture Distribution, Inc. and RIMS 2019 President

  • Trail-BLAZING

    Fri, Mar 08, 2019 -

    While my hometown of Denver, Colorado is still experiencing winter weather, RIMS is heating up. In our mission to deliver the best in risk management content and meet our members’ great expectations, already this year, the Society has delivered several new reports that touch on some of the hottest topics. We have taken the temperature of our global community and will soon release our “Trending Now” topics for RIMS 2019 Annual Conference & Exhibition in Boston. On top of many other new initiatives, RIMS is definitely blazing a trail for risk management success.  

    RIMS committees, and the volunteers who work on them, deserve to be congratulated for their latest efforts. Our External Affairs Committee released a Legislative Review that examined the impact of varying marijuana laws throughout the United States. The Strategic and Enterprise Risk Management Council’s Tom Easthope authored a report titled, “Making Sense of Artificial Intelligence,” one of the hottest trends impacting our work. And, our Student Advisory Council worked in tandem with Spencer to design the “Spencer-RIMS Internship Manual for Organizations,” a step-by-step guide for getting approval for and developing meaningful risk management internships.

    The heat wave of new content continued with another report titled, “Active Shooter Preparedness for Your Organization.” Highlighting opportunities for risk professionals and their organizations to identify warning signs of potential attacks, best practices in communication and pre-event training, the report also offers strategies to minimizes injuries, property damage and other uncertainties.

    With RIMS 2019 just over a month away, the Society will announce its lineup of Trending Now sessions in the weeks ahead. Our Annual Conference Programming Committee – a team of risk professionals like yourself who are charged with selecting sessions for the conference – has identified 16 additional sessions that address issues we are managing right now. The sessions will include geopolitical risks and other global concerns, data, wearables, employment law, human trafficking and much more. Be sure to register for this can’t miss conference and the sessions you want to attend.

    While, you can always count on RIMS Annual Conference to bring together experienced, highly-accomplished thought-leading professionals in this field, it also brings together a group of incredibly smart and dedicated students. We’re grateful to IKEA for providing the Spencer-RIMS Risk Management Challenge case study and excited to announce the nine university teams selected to compete in Boston. Congratulations to the University of Georgia; British Columbia Institute of Technology; Florida State University; St. Mary's University; Temple University; Butler University; Saint Joseph's University; Appalachian State University; and all the way from Beijing, Fudan University. We’re looking forward to introducing this group of future leaders to this amazing conference, our engaged Society and hearing their presentations.

    RIMS Chapters continue to bring the heat with fresh, innovative and empowering initiatives that support local members. The RIMS ECHO (Enhancing Chapter Outcomes) program honors chapters that have successfully aligned their programming with RIMS’ strategic priorities to Innovate, Develop, Engage and Advocate for the global risk management community. This year, we proudly honor RIMS Broward County Chapter as our Chapter of the Year; RIMS Ontario Chapter (ORIMS) for innovation; our RIMS Arizona Central Chapter for resource development; our RIMS Central Texas Chapter for engagement; and RIMS Oregon Chapter for advocacy. Chapters are such an important part of this Society and play a big role in delivering value to members at the local level.

    Finally, global warming is not the only climate change risk impacting our organizations. My remarks at the RIMS Japan Chapter’s Annual Meeting next week will also review the impact of rising sea levels, natural resource dependency and mounting environmental regulations. I am excited to share strategies to help risk professionals prepare for these dynamic climate risks and meet with professionals in the region.

    RIMS remains committed to meeting great expectations by blazing the way for risk professionals with new content that keeps them informed, educated and prepared for whatever might come next. You are integral to our success and we sincerely appreciate your contributions and support.


    Gloria Brosius
    RIMS 2019 President

  • Velocity

    Wed, Feb 13, 2019 -

    Velocity is often associated with emerging and technological risks, referencing the speed at which they can impact our organizations. But, that same word can be linked to opportunities and, in my first month as RIMS president, the velocity with which this Society has produced new resources has been eye-opening. 

    First, a new chapter. I would like to officially welcome RIMS’ 80th chapter, the New Zealand and Pacific Islands Chapter of RIMS. Building off the success of the RIMS Australasia Chapter, our newest chapter is destined to continue to engage a passionate community of risk professionals and create opportunities for them to advance professionally. Congratulations to chapter’s first group of officers and a special thank you to RIMS Australasia Chapter for their invaluable guidance and support in its formation.

    In January, RIMS held its fifth annual Leadership Forum in St. Petersburg, Florida. The Forum brought together RIMS committee, council and international leaders, as well as Board Directors and staff to discuss the future of risk management and the Society. We gained valuable insight from meetings with these passionate volunteers, preparing us to better serve our members in the year ahead. These attendees were reminded that the power of RIMS has been shaped by its volunteers, and that they held the power to make changes going forward.

    Just one of these areas where RIMS is focused is regulatory awareness and the increasing challenge of navigating the legalization of marijuana, as well as the introduction of marijuana-focused companies. Our External Affairs Committee allows us to remain at the forefront of these topics and, this month, unveiled its latest Legislative Review. Available on RIMS Risk Knowledge library, the report explores cannabis laws and their impact on business, insurance, real estate and risk management. 

    Another “hot button” issue that is impacting organizations with velocity is diversity and inclusion. Continuing the great work of the 2018 Diversity and Inclusion Task Force, RIMS Board approved recommendations to establish a Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Council. Chaired by RIMS Ex-Officio Robert Cartwright, Jr., the Council will work together to identify relevant diversity and inclusion goals for the Society, as well as provide guidance on how best to achieve them. Applications will be accepted for Council volunteers until February 15. You can apply here.

    Perhaps the most notable of RIMS events, there are less than 100 days until RIMS 2019 Annual Conference & Exhibition scheduled for April 28 – May 1 in Boston. Each year, the conference’s 100+ educational sessions and 400 exhibitors offer a range of solutions, strategies and best practices for professionals in all industries and at career stages. There are many exciting new offerings this year as well, and I hope to see you all there.

    We are excited to announce tennis legend Billie Jean King as the Society’s Conference Finale keynote speaker. Ms. King has not only achieved greatness on the court, but has also paved the way for others to follow in her footsteps. It will be great to learn from her wins, her losses and her well-documented fight for equality.

    In addition to welcoming Ms. King, the 2019 Anita Benedetti Student Involvement Program grant recipients have been announced.  RIMS will bring 36 exceptional risk management students from five countries – United States, Canada, India, China, Colombia – to attend RIMS 2019. These students always bring great energy and enthusiasm and will surely benefit from a thought-provoking agenda built specifically for them. RIMS has created the RIMS Rising Risk Professional Network website for those who fall into this demographic.

    Through chapter involvement, content, resources and events, RIMS continues to provide exceptional value to its members and the world’s risk management community. 2019 is shaping up to be an amazing year and I look forward to sharing each and every new opportunity with you.


    Gloria Brosius, RIMS-CRMP
    RIMS 2019 President

  • Great Expectations

    Tue, Jan 15, 2019 -

    I’m so very proud – and honored – to serve as the 2019 president of RIMS. In the past year, this Society has made significant strides in so many areas. That success is a credit to strong leadership, exceptional volunteers and an engaged risk management community that is focused on advancing the profession.

    First and foremost, my goal is to build on the successes of my predecessors and to ensure RIMS’ strategies continue to serve our diverse and global community.

    But, that is no easy task. Expectations have never been greater for our organizations. Each day they are challenged to quickly adapt and implement emerging technologies; to proactively address cyber exposures; to brace for political change; to uphold ethical and social standards; among many, many others.

    Global business executives are leaning on their risk management teams for enterprise-wide intelligence and dynamic strategies. So, I ask this question: Are we ready to meet these great expectations?

    Today’s risk professionals are expected to be strong communicators; to have a global lens; to be aware of the regulatory landscape; to be strategic thinkers and ready to support innovation.

    From the very beginning, RIMS has been integral in helping me build my risk management career. The Society has shown me the value of mentoring and is responsible for building my personal risk management network. It has shown me the value of collaboration and, at our chapters, has introduced me to local professionals who are just as passionate about this discipline as me. It’s given me access to a wealth of knowledge and content – covering almost every facet of business risks – and has allowed me to apply these best practices within my organization. 

    While it seems as though risks are becoming more and more complex, preparing for and managing emerging risks is not a new challenge for risk professionals.  For many of us, this is an important part of our jobs. And, while each emerging risk might require a different strategy, for decades, risk professionals have continued to access one common resource: each other.

    We learn from each other’s experiences, from each other’s successes and from each other’s challenges. Together, we’ve developed best practices, frameworks and processes that have enabled our organizations to turn negative situations into positive ones.

    I am excited for the year ahead, and I look forward to sharing my presidential journey with you. My priority as RIMS 2019 President is to ensure that the Society provides a path for the world’s risk management community to meet and exceed these great expectations.


    Gloria Brosius, RIMS-CRMP
    RIMS 2019 President

  • Gloria Brosius Named 2019 President of RIMS

    Wed, Jan 02, 2019 -

    ​Society Introduces 2019 Officers & Board of Directors
    NEW YORK (January 2, 2019) — RIMS, the risk management society™, today announced that Gloria Brosius, RIMS-CRMP will lead the Society as president for the 2019 term, effective January 1. 
    Ms. Brosius is Director, Risk Management and Insurance for Pinnacle Agriculture Distribution Inc. based in Loveland, Colorado. She has been a member of RIMS for 22 years and joined RIMS Board of Directors in 2014. Ms. Brosius held many Board positions with the RIMS Rocky Mountain Chapter (Denver), including serving as president from 2005-2006. She also volunteered on the Society’s Member and Chapter Services Committee and was its Vice-Chair in 2013 prior to joining the Society’s global Board.  
    “Expectations have never been higher for risk professionals,” said Ms. Brosius. “Business leaders are turning to their risk management teams to deliver enterprise-wide intelligence and dynamic strategies that support organizational goals. My presidency will focus on ensuring that RIMS provides a path for the world’s risk management community to meet and exceed these great expectations.
    “I’m excited to lead this global association, to build on the successes of my predecessors and to continue to create opportunities for risk professionals to make brave decisions, both personally and professionally.”
    Officers on RIMS 2019 Board of Directors:

    • President: Gloria Brosius; Director, Risk Management and Insurance, Pinnacle Agriculture Distributions, Inc.
    • Vice President: Steve Pottle, CIP, CRM; Director, Risk Management Services, Thompson Rivers University.
    • Treasurer: Laura Langone, JD, MBA; Senior Director, Global Risk Management and Insurance, PayPal, Inc. Holdings.
    • Secretary: Barry Dillard; Director, Risk Strategies, Insurance and Compliance, Walt Disney World Resorts.

    New Board Members:

    • David E. Arick, ARM; Assistant Treasurer, Global Risk Management, International Paper Company.
    • Gary A. Nesbit, CPCU, CSP, ARM, AIC, ALCM, SPHR; Senior Director of Risk Management, Young Life.

    Incumbent Board Members:

    • Ellen R. Dunkin, Esq.; Senior Vice President, General Counsel & Chief Risk Officer, Amalgamated Life Insurance Company.
    • Susan Hiteshew, RIMS-CRMP, ARM; Senior Director, Insurance-Americas, Marriott International, Inc.
    • Soubhagya Parija; Senior Vice President and Chief Risk Officer, New York Power Authority.
    • Kristen Peed, CPCU, RPLU, CRM, ARM-E, CIC, AAI; Director of Corporate Risk Management, CBIZ, Inc.
    • Jennifer Santiago, RIMS-CRMP, ARM; Director, Risk Management, Novartis Pharmaceutical Corporation.
    • Patrick Sterling, SPHR, SHRM-SCP; Senior Director, Legendary People and Risk, Texas Roadhouse.
    • Robert Zhang; China Risk and Compliance Manager, IKEA (China) Investment Co., Ltd.
    • Ex Officio: Robert Cartwright, Jr., CRM, BSB/OP; Division Manager, Northeast Region, Environmental, Health, Safety and Sustainability, Bridgestone Retail Operations, LLC.

    For more information about RIMS leadership, visit
    About RIMS
    As the preeminent organization dedicated to educating, engaging and advocating for the global risk community, RIMS, the risk management society™, is a not-for-profit organization representing more than 3,500 corporate, industrial, service, nonprofit, charitable and government entities throughout the world. RIMS has a membership of approximately 10,000 risk practitioners who are located in more than 60 countries. For more information about the Society’s world-leading risk management content, networking, professional development and certification opportunities, visit
    # # #

  • Transition

    Fri, Dec 14, 2018 -

    Throughout this year and in my many interactions with risk professionals from around the world, I have heard and witnessed the challenges impacting our profession as we continue to transition into 21st Century risk management. The transition from traditional risk management into the digitalization of identifying and defining risk has streamlined processes but, at the same time, still presents unknowns. We have emerging technology that will impact how we see the world and must vigilantly monitor how those technologies will protect both the end user and the provider, and change our daily jobs.

    What a risk professional “looks like” is also transitioning. As a result, RIMS Board of Directors convened a Task Force to further the Society’s approach on Diversity and Inclusion initiatives. The Task Force has recommended forming an official Council that will be finalized at the January Leadership Forum next month. I am very excited about the progress being made as it has been part of my platform this year and I look forward to continuing to work on this going forward.

    You can see our progress on the website as we have expanded into India and Singapore, especially the through the success of our first Risk Forum 2018 India. We continue to provide content through our relationship with BIMTECH (Birla Institute of Management Technology) who opened “The RIMS Corner” publication center and will soon offer risk management courses. Our goal is to provide content and networking to meet the needs India corporate so that the risk community can better serve their businesses and communities.

    Another example of us heeding the call of “ships being safe in the harbor, but that’s not what they’re built for” was demonstrated in November, as RIMS introduced its new Young Associate Membership category.  Many risk professionals get their start on the Associate side of the business. We are proud to make this category available, at a reduced rate, to this dynamic group of professionals. We also reduced the rate for Young Professional Members to make it even easier for them to join RIMS.

    Additionally, after a thorough and deliberate assessment, RIMS Board of Directors announced a policy revision that now allows our Associate Members to serve on Chapter Boards. The opportunity for them to serve on Chapter Boards is OPTIONAL for each individual chapter, and is accompanied by RIMS Board issued parameters. It is without question that Associates provide an important industry perspective and are valuable members of our community.  For more information, Chapter Leaders can contact RIMS Client Services at

    Being a premier risk organization, these decisions reflect a measured and calculated risk, one that will require our Chapter Leaders’ feedback to ensure that it accurately addresses our members’ needs.

    My last President’s Corner Message is bittersweet for me. We began with the challenge of identifying “What’s Your Plan,” to the importance of mentoring the next generation. Looking ahead into the 21st Century, we confidently anticipate steady chapter growth and international members. My opportunities to travel and connect with our members will forever stay with me. They have allowed me to maintain old friendships and established new ones.

    I always end by thanking our members for their support but there are specific groups that routinely go above and beyond. To our committee, council, advisory group and task force volunteers, our chapter leaders, the speakers at our events, those who contribute content, RIMS staff and, of course, my fellow Board of Directors – thank you!

    Without your support and without our desire to work in unison to advance this global risk management community, we would not be where we are today. As we transition into 2019, I am very excited about our next President Gloria Brosius and the 2019 Board. All I will say is, get ready for some very exciting things to come next year!

    I want to wish you all a happy and healthy holiday season and New Year.  And, I’d like to wish you the ultimate in professional success. Thank you for allowing me to serve as your 2018 President and for choosing RIMS as your go-to source for risk management knowledge.

    Let’s stay connected!


    Robert Cartwright, Jr.
    RIMS 2018 President

  • We Listen, We React

    Fri, Nov 02, 2018 -

    ​If there is one valuable skill that every risk professional must have, it’s the ability to listen. To best understand the risks our organizations are facing, we must be able to listen to senior leaders, to operations managers and to our customers. RIMS, too, has to listen so that we can continue to deliver solutions and content that addresses our members’ evolving needs.

    Listening to our members, the Society saw an opportunity to deliver risk management knowledge in a convenient format that fits their busy lives. RIMS proudly introduced RIMScast, our new podcast series. The series has received a tremendous response, offering risk management insight, on-the go.

    Additionally, realizing that many of our members have limited time to focus on professional development, the Society launched The Weekend Read. This weekly update features a sampling of risk management articles, RIMS reports, surveys and interviews – as well as a Members Only report. Lookout for these emails each Saturday morning.

    Listening is a major component of any diversity and inclusion initiative, and we can’t express enough how appreciative we are for those who have taken an active role in this RIMS priority. This week’s Advancing the Dialogue Around Race for the Insurance Industry webinar featured Alex Amonett, Global Diversity and Inclusion Leader, Marsh; Margret Redd, National Executive Director, NAAIA; Anthony Walker, Senior Vice President, North Central Partnership Claim Leader, Marsh; Diedre Wright, ARMe, Director of Engagement & Marketing, Diversity & Inclusion Institute; and myself. I want to thank Marsh for taking the lead on this webinar, our panelists for sharing their perspectives and encourage those who missed it to listen to the replay on Opis-Ed.

    We acknowledge good listeners at RIMS ERM Conference in Montreal with our Global ERM Award of Distinction. By engaging leaders across their organization, winner Marathon Petroleum and honorable mentions IBM, City of Vancouver and Dallas Fort-Worth Airport have successfully created risk-aware corporate cultures and value-adding programs.  

    This past month, RIMS welcomed its first group of 65 RIMS-CRMP-FED credential holders. Launched earlier this year, the FED micro-credential was developed in tandem with the Association of Federal Enterprise Risk Management (AFERM) in response to U.S. government’s pursuit of stronger risk management capabilities. In 2019, the exam will be available online and U.S. Federal risk professionals can learn more about it on the RIMS-CRMP certification website.

    Finally, RIMS first-ever Risk Forum India will commence in just over a week. The agenda is complete and it features an impressive lineup of expert speakers with a range of experiences, backgrounds and responsibilities. We’re excited to learn from keynote speaker V Ragunathan’s perspective on human behavior in India, and to present the India ERM Award of Distinction. Registration RIMS Risk Forum India is still open.

    Information is key. By developing opportunities for dialogue about risk management trends – whether that is through networking at a conference, a webinar or new content – RIMS is committed to listening to its members and providing them with the support they need to succeed.


    Robert Cartwright, Jr.
    RIMS 2018 President

  • Kissing the Cod

    Wed, Oct 03, 2018 -

    ​To welcome newcomers to the island of St. John’s Canada, tradition insists that visitors take part in a fun “Screech-In” ceremony and kiss a codfish.  Let’s just say, I was officially welcomed to the RIMS Canada Conference in St. John’s, Newfoundland this past month – and have pictures to prove it.

    Once again, the annual conference provided the country’s risk professionals with ideas, best practices and resources to excel back home.  But, also, set in one of Canada’s most beautiful scenic regions, the conference was eye-opening. Not only were attendees introduced to a very vibrant and unique way of life, but it reinforced the diversity of the RIMS network. 

    As the Society’s leadership visits with our chapters and participates in global industry events, we are constantly learning about each community, the local business environment and the challenges risk professionals are facing.

    Recently, I was invited to be the keynote at the National African American Insurance Association’s annual conference in Atlanta, as well as at Gallaudet University in Washington, D.C.  Each of these opportunities is a chance for me to share my experiences with energized audiences and the resources this Society offers to support their 21st Century goals.

    This week, Mary Roth and I have been asked to contribute to the Institute of Risk Management South Africa’s (IRMSA) Annual Conference in Johannesburg and Cape Town. We are very excited to support IRMSA, who has designed their conference program around the seven attributes of RIMS Risk Maturity Model. While our presentations cover the future of the risk management profession, the impact of disruptive technologies and the value of a root cause analysis, we are there to learn. We are excited to collaborate further with IRMSA as we aim to support the advancement of risk management around the globe.

    Our global education continues later this year in Mumbai. Building off the success of RIMS Risk Summit in Mumbai in September, the Society has announced the dates (November 13 and 14) and opened registration for RIMS Risk Forum India. The Mumbai Summit brought together 30 risk management professionals to discuss top concerns for organizations in the region. With the insight we gained, we’re excited to develop a valuable and engaging program for India’s risk management community next month. We are also proud to announce RIMS India ERM Award of Distinction, to be presented at the Forum.

    In addition to our international initiatives, recently, RIMS held its pilot exam for the RIMS-CRMP-Fed, the micro-credential that supports risk professionals in U.S. government positions. Next week, the Society will open its annual call for committee volunteers and the nomination process for its annual awards program. For additional information about the RIMS-CRMP certification and micro-credential, visit here.  Details about awards RIMS will present next year can be found here

    We sincerely thank those of you who routinely share with this community and encourage others to get involved. Your perspectives, cultures and professional skills allow RIMS to deliver a truly diverse sampling of risk management knowledge in a wide-range of formats.

    Together, we have the power to advance this profession and create a legacy of greater opportunities for tomorrow's business leaders.

    Robert Cartwright, Jr.
    RIMS 2018 President

  • Ready, Set, Impact

    Tue, Sep 11, 2018 -

    ​Throughout my presidency, I’ve challenged risk professionals to think about the mark they’ll leave on the Society, on the profession, in their organizations and with their colleagues. And, while the challenge was made, the path to find those impact opportunities is not always easy to identify.  RIMS is proud to give members opportunities to contribute and take an active role in shaping this profession and their careers.

    Those opportunities can come by sharing your expertise and contributing to the development of new publications. Just this month, RIMS published two new reports. I would like to thank RIMS Members David J. Young, Christine Novotny and Julie Cain who collaborated on the “Communication with the C-Suite and Board” report, as well as the authors of the “Guide to Cyber Insurance.” Both reports are available for members in RIMS Risk Knowledge library. If this is how you’d like to make an impact, email with your ideas.

    Another way to make an impact is by becoming actively involved in the advocacy process, especially when it comes to regulation impacting our organizations and the profession. On September 12 – 13 in Washington D.C., RIMS Legislative Summit 2018 will commence. At the two-day event, we will take a closer look at cyber regulation, the looming expiration of the National Flood Insurance Program and the Terrorism Reinsurance Act (TRIA). We’re excited to welcome keynote speaker Congressman Dennis Ross (Florida) and present you with this opportunity.

    Whether it is as an attendee, an exhibitor or a speaker, our global network’s contributions enable us to deliver the best risk management events in the world. In September, RIMS’ regional events kick into high gear.  RIMS Australasia Summit was held in two cities last week, with programs in Sydney and Auckland. RIMS Western Regional is in Portland and will feature thought-leading, globally relevant risk management content, as well as insight on topics that are a priority to local community. Rounding out the month is RIMS Canada Conference.  Much like the theme suggests, our Canada Conference offers “Oceans of Opportunities.” It is the biggest risk management event in the country and the setting couldn’t be more spectacular in St. John’s, Newfoundland & Labrador.

    We’re calling on our global members to make an impact as well.  Last week, we began accepting presentation submissions for RIMS India Forum 2018 scheduled for November 13 – 14 in Mumbai. This will mark RIMS’ first Forum in the country and we’re excited to meet with our already extremely engaged risk management community there. 

    RIMS is proud to offer so many different resources to so many different types of professionals. Most importantly, we’re proud to offer opportunities for them to get involved, to make an impact and to leave a mark on this amazing profession for years and years to come.

    Robert Cartwright, Jr.
    RIMS 2018 President 

  • Our Future Plans

    Mon, Aug 06, 2018 -

    ​To build a more resilient network that embraces the many cultures, backgrounds and experiences of risk professionals from around the globe, we must be ready to identify emerging trends, understand them and quickly take action. To that effect, your RIMS Board of Directors has also been busy planning for the future. The Board met last month in New York City to discuss and validate the Society’s strategic plans. The strategy is based on our members’ needs and the resources required to address them. 

    So, I encourage you to get involved with your chapter and share your ideas and the opportunities you see for RIMS to advance. Our chapter leaders always welcome these contributions. If you need help connecting with your local chapter, please don’t hesitate to email

    Benchmarking is one of the ways RIMS enables risk professionals to build effective risk management programs for their organizations. Compiling the Total Cost of Risk expenses for nearly 600 organizations, the RIMS Benchmark Survey aims to help us design smart and efficient risk financing programs. The “book” is now available in the RIMS online store and, for our members, be sure to get your discount when ordering.

    Diversity and Inclusion efforts continue to be a focus for RIMS. The task force has utilized an inclusion index to gauge the Society’s current diversity and inclusion standing. With this information, you can expect to see new programming and opportunities to ensure all of our members’ voices are welcomed and heard. 

    RIMS-CRMP certification continues to gain traction internationally. I would like to congratulate Roop Kumar Nagumantry and David Cui, our first RIMS-CRMP holders in India and China, respectively. The RIMS-CRMP is changing the risk management game around the world. These trailblazers saw its value and can proudly confirm their commitment to this profession, as well as their knowledge and expertise with this globally recognized mark of achievement.

    It’s official. RIMS Mentor Match is now available on Opis. With the new platform, RIMS members from around the world can now log-in and instantly connect with others. Since this is one the platforms of my presidency, I am already using this to continue mentoring others. Whether you’re interested in becoming a mentor or finding one, the resource supports the exchange of ideas and experiences across borders, generations and industries. I can’t think of anything more rewarding than mentoring a colleague, seeing their success and taking an active role in strengthening risk management’s future.

    Finally, your feedback is key for us to continue delivering relevant educational programming, events and opportunities for the global business community. I can’t express enough how much we value your enthusiasm and participation. Your continued support is greatly appreciated.

    Thank you,

    Robert Cartwright, Jr.
    RIMS 2018 President

  • 10 Years After - Continuing Legacy

    Tue, Jun 26, 2018 -

    ​This month, RIMS released a new Executive Report titled, “Enterprise Risk Management’s Wakeup Call: 10 Years After.” Focusing on the evolution of ERM ten years after the 2008 financial crisis, the report had me thinking about my presidential theme “Your Legacy, Our Legacy.”  The financial crisis had a tremendous impact on the way business is conducted today. Similarly, our actions today could have a lasting impact on our careers and the future of risk management.

    To answer the question “how do we ensure that risk management professionals are ready for whatever might come next,” RIMS has remained focused on creating opportunities to facilitate the transfer of knowledge – from one generation to the next, from one expert to the other.

    One tool, set to debut in July, is RIMS Mentor Match, exclusively for RIMS members. Through Opis, RIMS members in search of mentors or who are willing to volunteer as a mentor will have a forum to connect. 

    Not only will the platform eliminate geographic limitations, the customizable resource allows professionals at all levels to link up with others in similar industries, who share interests, backgrounds and more.

    Next is RIMS Learning Labs, another vehicle the Society has launched to deliver thought-leading knowledge at the chapter level. In its pilot year, the Society has called on business experts to deliver cutting-edge insight at select chapters. We are getting ready to expand the program and offer this no cost member-benefit to an even wider group of RIMS chapters in 2019.

    On another note, RIMS regional events continue to be outstanding opportunities for members to exchange ideas and share best practices.  I had the privilege to attend the RIMS Florida Educational Conference and am thrilled to see it continue to grow. The sessions were fantastic and its overall success is a testament to the volunteers in our seven Florida chapters. In September, I will be at the Western Regional in Portland, as then the RIMS Canada Conference on September 23-26 in beautiful St. John’s, Newfoundland. Registration has opened and we hope to see you there.

    All it takes is one connection, one learning point or one new idea. Every day, resources like those mentioned here can create that spark that changes our future. Additionally, the unquestionable value of mentorships can help make sure we don’t miss that opportunity to make a difference. I encourage you all to get involved with your local chapters, to take part in RIMS dynamic programming of events and education, to find your risk management passion and seize your opportunity to contribute to this great profession. 

    Thank you for all of your support.


    Robert Cartwright, Jr.
    RIMS 2018 President

  • Big and Bright

    Mon, May 14, 2018 -

    RIMS 2018 Annual Conference in San Antonio was a huge success. We can’t thank those of you who joined us enough for making the 56th Annual Conference such an amazing experience. We hope that you were inspired by all the BIG ideas shared, made some great connections and are now better prepared to take on your next BIG challenge as you execute “Your Plan.”

    The Diversity and Inclusion programming at RIMS 2018 was definitely a bright spot of the event for us. It was apparent by the standing-room-only sessions and meetups that these opportunities are important to our members. I anticipate that programming that focuses on this important issues will remain a staple of the Society’s offerings for years to come. Presently, I am involved with events held by NAAIA, AIG and starting collaborations with Zurich and AJG and that was MY PLAN to do more with Diversity and Inclusion.

    You probably also noticed the record number of students at RIMS 2018. Our Spencer-RIMS Risk Management Challenge teams were exceptional (congratulations University of Wisconsin-Madison) and our Anita Benedetti Student Involvement Program attendees further proved just how bright the future is for the profession.

    I challenged attendees to think about their careers and their plan for the future. I invited new risk professionals to reach out to industry veterans – like myself and RIMS Board of Directors. I have to say, the response has been fantastic. Our next step is to move ahead with the Opis Mentor/Mentee match as a good number of rising risk professionals have embraced this challenge and I am excited to work with them and see their careers continue to progress.

    The energy and excitement of RIMS 2018 did not end in San Antonio.

    RIMS Content Team captured insight from speakers at the conference’s most attended sessions. We look forward to sharing a series of videos that highlight hard-pressing trends in risk management over the course of the coming year.

    Additionally, this week, I attended the RIMS Risk Forum Latin America held in Mexico City.  RIMS and Marsh are excited to release the findings from our joint Risk Management in Latin America report – that is available in three languages. As always, our goal is to learn as much as we can from risk professionals in these regions and develop resources that address their unique needs.

    From Mexico to China. Later this May at the Shanghai Forum, Insurance Sub-Conference in Shanghai, RIMS Board Director Robert Zhang and myself will deliver keynote addresses about disruptive technologies and their impact on the risk management profession. The presentation will feature some of the key takeaways from our Excellence in Risk Management Report XV released in April.

    I finally want to applaud our chapter leaders, volunteers and members for their tireless contributions to the Society, while managing their day to day jobs and time away from their families. All year round, RIMS global risk management community works together to tackle some of the business worlds’ greatest and newest challenges. While all of that risk management power shined big and bright in Texas, the momentum will not stop there. We are moving out of the harbor and setting our course on improving membership engagement and providing resources where needed. I will be sharing more of RIMS’ world-class programming with you in the months ahead.


    Robert Cartwright, Jr.
    RIMS 2018 President

  • Mentoring & Next Gen

    Mon, Apr 02, 2018 -

    Risk professionals at all experience levels, from a wide variety of industries around the world continue to turn to RIMS for thought-leading content and resources. 

    The next generation of risk professionals is no different. We continue to see their interest in the profession grow. With a clear vision of what a career in risk management might look like, these aspiring executives not only have a plan but also access to the resources to reach their goals.

    With RIMS 2018 Annual Conference & Exhibition just a few short weeks away, the Society continues to offer opportunities that support this passionate group of up-and-coming professionals. 

    Early numbers indicate a record number of student attendees headed to San Antonio for RIMS 2018. They continue to realize the value of the conference’s educational programming and, perhaps more importantly, the face-to-face networking opportunities. 

    Included in that group of students are the 37 Anita Benedetti Student Involvement Program grant recipients. These exceptional students from around the world displayed immense progress in their risk management studies and a tangible passion for careers in this profession. Spencer and RIMS are also welcoming the final eight Risk Management Challenge teams to compete in San Antonio. Universities from the U.S., Canada, Singapore and China are hard at work, getting ready to present their risk management solutions in front of an esteemed panel of judges.  

    All RIMS members play an important role in the future of the Society, the profession and these students’ risk management journeys. The RIMS Mentor Match resource will be unveiled at RIMS HQ in the Marketplace. RIMS staff will demonstrate the new Mentor Match platform that allows mentors and mentees to connect based on risk management specialties, preferences, experience and geography. There is nothing more rewarding than becoming a mentor. I encourage you to stop by RIMS HQ (booth 1337) and learn more about this new resource.   

    The support doesn’t stop in San Antonio. Registration for RIMS NextGen Forum, scheduled for June 24 and 25 in Chicago, is now open. The Society has also opened registration to its first international event of the year – RIMS Latin America Forum, in Mexico City on May 7 and 8. 

    While I’ve highlighted some of the initiatives available to future risk professionals, RIMS Annual Conference offers something for everyone. I encourage you to check out all of the conference’s educational programming, networking events, including some new Diversity & Inclusion sessions, and the hundreds of solutions providers joining us in the RIMS Marketplace.

    The conference is always a great opportunity to share ideas and re-charge, to learn something new and then take it back home. We’re looking forward to welcoming everyone to San Antonio. For those of you who will not be able to make it, you’ll be able to tune in to parts of conference via our live-stream, read coverage in the Show Daily and watch videos on RIMS-TV all of which is available on the RIMS website.

    As always, thank you for your support and stay tuned for more from RIMS. 


    Robert Cartwright, Jr. 
    RIMS 2018 President

  • Building An Inclusive Society

    Tue, Mar 06, 2018 -

    ​A simple phone call can go a long way.

    In the beginning of February, we held a Presidents Call that gave your chapter leaders the chance to hear about the Society’s strategic direction and, more importantly, ask questions and offer input. A month later, the conversations are still going and the exchange of ideas has been fantastic. Our second President’s Call is scheduled for March 29 and an invitation to chapter volunteers will go out shortly. 

    The more feedback we receive from RIMS’ network of professionals, the stronger the Society and its resources become.

    Diversity and Inclusion initiatives are also a priority. And, RIMS 2018 Annual Conference & Exhibition is the perfect venue to celebrate our members’ different experiences, backgrounds and perspectives.

    At RIMS 2018, the Society will host a selection of Diversity and Inclusion opportunities, events and educational programming including:

    • RIMS Diversity Meet-Up on Sunday, April 15
    • Education sessions:
      • The Journey of the African American Insurance Professional
      • Diversity Training: How to Handle LGBTQ Issues with Cultural Sensitivity
      • Diversity and Inclusion: The Risks and Opportunities
    • Programming specific for the multinational group of 37 Anita Benedetti student scholars
    • Our Risk Manager of Year and Honor Roll inductees will share their very different experiences and successes that led to this honor

    This month, RIMS also announced a RIMS-CRMP certification project aimed at supporting a very specific group of risk management professionals. Working with the Association for Federal Enterprise Risk Management, the Society announced plans to develop the RIMS-CRMP-FED. This micro-credential will addresses the breadth of risk management responsibilities and supports professionals in federal government.

    Right now, preparation for RIMS 2018 is in full-gear. We are very excited to welcome 10,000 professionals from more than 70 countries around the world to San Antonio. Thank you all for your continued support and we look forward to seeing you in April.


    Robert Cartwright, Jr.
    RIMS 2018 President

  • Your Legacy, Our Legacy

    Mon, Feb 05, 2018 -

    ​It is an absolute honor to deliver this first message and serve this Society as president in 2018.  I’ve been a member of RIMS for over 20 years, have been an active member of my local RIMS Delaware Valley Chapter and this will be my 10th year serving on the RIMS Board.

    I’m a history buff, especially when it comes to RIMS history.  I love where we stand today and see great opportunities and success in this Society’s future.  

    RIMS was built by passionate professionals who realized just how crucial risk management is to the organization’s success; who dedicated themselves to the advancement of risk management practices; who envisioned a future where risk management would be recognized around the world as a fundamental business function; and who believed in the discipline’s potential to become a rewarding and highly-sought-after career path.

    My focus for the year is Your Legacy, Our Legacy. It’s a call to action. First, in order to get to where we are going, we must recognize the past. With that understanding, individually we can work on improving ourselves. And, collectively, those individual efforts will benefit the whole.

    This call to action implores risk professionals around the world to step back from their daily routines and ask themselves, “what mark will I leave on my organization, on my fellow and future colleagues, on the risk management community as a whole?”

    The opportunities are abundant. Will you develop or implement new strategies that take your organization to new heights? Will you embrace a mentorship role, sharing ideas and best practices? Will your focus be altruism, giving back to your local risk management community? Maybe it will be your work on risk management advocacy efforts and changing legislation that directly impacts the profession. Or, perhaps, a commitment to engaging and connecting with your peers around the globe.

    In just my first month as president, we’ve already initiated some new opportunities and resources to support our members’ professional journeys.

    RIMS released two new publications this past month. A new report “Top Five Steps for Communicating with Executives” addresses soft-skills risk professionals might need to effectively deliver the right information to leadership. And, as part of RIMS ongoing advocacy efforts, RIMS External Affairs Committee issued a Legislative Review. The review explores the implications of the Base Erosion and Anti-Abuse Tax (BEAT) on insurance and reinsurance programs. Both publications can be found in RIMS Risk Knowledge library.

    We also just held our first President’s Call. This initiative is designed to enhance communication between RIMS, its chapter leaders and, ultimately, RIMS members. More than 80 local chapter leaders joined the call and you should be getting an update from them soon. The next call is scheduled for March 29, 2018. Please feel free to contact RIMS Client Services to gain more information about them (

    And, in just under 70 days, we will convene for the greatest risk management event in the industry. Registration for RIMS 2018 in San Antonio April 15 – 18 is well underway. The Annual Conference always offers exceptional educational programming and we are proud to welcome professionals from over 70 countries – making it truly a world-leading conference. Get ready to GO BIG! and stay tuned for new updates that only add to this can’t-miss event.

    As a RIMS member, you have already taken the first step. Hopefully, you’ve realized that the career opportunities in risk management are diverse and limitless. That said, the only way to achieve greatness in this profession is to constantly enhance our capabilities.

    As we all strive toward establishing our own legacy, together we will positively impact the future of the profession, building a powerful and sustainable global risk management community for years to come.

    Thank you for all of your support.  We are looking forward to a great year.


    Robert Cartwright, Jr.
    RIMS 2018 President

  • Robert Cartwright, Jr. Named 2018 President of RIMS

    Tue, Jan 02, 2018 -


    Society Introduces 2018 Officers & Board of Directors

    NEW YORK (January 2, 2017) — RIMS, the risk management society™, today announced that Robert Cartwright, Jr. CRM, BSB/OP will lead the Society as president for the 2018 term, effective January 1. 

    Mr. Cartwright is the Division Manager of Environmental, Health, Safety and Sustainability for Bridgestone Retail Operations in the Northeast Region. He has been a member of RIMS for more than 25 years and on its Board of Directors for ten years. Mr. Cartwright has held every Board position with the RIMS Delaware Valley Chapter, including serving as its president from 2005-2007. He was also the recipient of the 2009 RIMS Richard W. Bland Award for exceptional contributions to the Society’s legislative initiatives.

    “In order to advance the risk management profession we must recognize those who came before us,” said RIMS 2018 President Robert Cartwright, Jr. “Risk management has evolved leaps and bounds from just a decade ago and that progress is a direct result of our predecessors’ passion and perseverance.

    “Today, industry professionals have the same opportunity to become trailblazers, increasing organizational awareness of risk management’s diversity and value. As we work to establish our individual legacies, together we will strengthen and solidify the collective legacy of the global risk management community.”
    Officers on RIMS 2018 Board of Directors:

    • President: Robert Cartwright, Jr., CRM, BSB/OP; Division Manager, Northeast Region, Environmental, Health, Safety and Sustainability, Bridgestone Retail Operations, LLC.
    • Vice President: Steve Pottle, CIP, CRM; Director Risk Management Services, York University.
    • Treasurer: Gloria Brosius; Corporate Risk Manager, Pinnacle Agriculture Holdings.
    • Secretary: Robert Zhang; China Risk and Compliance Manager, IKEA (China) Investment Co., Ltd.

    New Board Members:

    • Susan Hiteshew, RIMS-CRMP, ARM; Senior Manager, Global Insurance and Risk Financing, Under Armour, Inc.
    • Kristen Peed, CPCU, RPLU, CRM, ARM-E, CIC, AAI; Director of Corporate Risk Management, CBIZ, Inc.
    • Jennifer Santiago, RIMS-CRMP, ARM; Director, Risk Management, Novartis Pharmaceutical Corporation.
    • Patrick Sterling, SPHR, SHRM-SCP; Senior Director, Legendary People and Risk, Texas Roadhouse.

    Incumbent Board Members:

    • Emily Cummins, CPA, CPCU, CISSP, ARM, ARE; Managing Director of Tax and Risk Management, National Rifle Association.
    • Barry Dillard; Director, Claims Management, Walt Disney Parks and Resorts US.
    • Ellen R. Dunkin, Esq.; Senior Vice President, General Counsel & Chief Risk Officer, Amalgamated Life Insurance Company.
    • Laura Langone, JD, MBA; Senior Director, Global Risk Management and Insurance, PayPal, Inc. Holdings.
    • Soubhagya Parija; Senior Vice President and Chief Risk Officer, New York Power Authority.
    • Ex Officio: Nowell R. Seaman, RIMS-CRMP, FCIP, CRM; Director, Global Risk Management, Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan Inc.

    For more information about RIMS leadership, visit



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