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Chartered Property Casualty Underwriter (CPCU®) Professional Designation

Set yourself apart!

CPCU is a professional credential recognized as one of the premier designations throughout the risk management and property-casualty insurance business. Those who earn the CPCU designation set themselves apart as professionals committed to increasing their knowledge, achieving career growth, and setting and attaining meaningful goals. In addition, the CPCU designation after your name speaks volumes about your insurance knowledge. Take an important step in your professional development today, and make your commitment to earn the CPCU designation.

Bottom-Line Benefits:

  • Improve effectiveness by learning to apply property-casualty insurance theory to everyday practice.
  • Handle complex commercial property and personal loss exposures by gaining advanced technical knowledge.
  • Increase effectiveness by understanding how the functional areas of finance and accounting apply to risk management and insurance.

The CPCU program consists of eleven courses. You must pass eight courses to earn the CPCU designation. All candidates must complete the five foundation courses. In addition, you select either the commercial or personal insurance concentration and complete the three courses in the concentration of your choosing. You may not combine courses from both concentrations.

Foundation courses:

CPCU 500 - Foundations of Risk Management, Insurance, and Professionalism

CPCU 520 - Insurance Operations, Regulation, and Statutory Accounting

CPCU 530 - The Business Law for Insurance Professionals

CPCU 540 - Finance and Accounting for Insurance Professionals

CPCU 560 - Financial Services Institutions

Three courses in either the personal or commercial concentration:

Commercial Concentration (with personal survey)

CPCU 551 - Commercial Property Risk Management and Insurance

CPCU 552 - Commercial Liability Risk Management and Insurance

CPCU 553 - Survey of Personal Risk Management, Insurance, and Financial Planning

Personal Concentration (with commercial survey)

CPCU 555 - Personal Risk Management and Property-Liability Insurance

CPCU 556 - Personal Financial Planning

CPCU 557 - Survey of Commercial Risk Management and Insurance

Course Sequence: CPCU 500 is designed to be the starting point. However, students can take courses in any sequence according to their background, needs, and interests.

We Recommend CPCU for: Agents/brokers, agency principals, claims representatives, line of business managers and executives, insurance litigators, risk managers, and underwriters.

For more information about study materials and examinations, please contact:

American Institute for CPCU
Phone: (800) 644-2101
Fax: (610) 640-9576


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