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Associate in Risk Management - ERM

Trust us, if you haven't had the Enterprise-Wide Risk Management discussion yet, you will. And you'll need to speak the language. Some of the bottom-line benefits of obtaining your Associate in Risk Management - ERM are as follows:

  • Prepare your organization to meet rating agency requirements by using practical tools that help initiate and implement a strategic ERM program.
  • Empower your organization to make better-informed decisions and optimize its risk management by aligning ERM with strategic goals.
  • Position your ERM program for success by learning how to coach risk owners regarding implementation responsibility and process.
  • Communicate and consult more effectively with critical stakeholders by sharing internationally recognized ERM guidelines.

When you pass the ERM course examination, you will earn recognition of your achievement:

* If you already hold the ARM designation, you will earn the Associate in Risk Management-ERM (ARM-E) designation.

* If you are not an ARM designee, you will earn a certificate of completion. However, if you should earn the ARM designation in the future, you would also earn the ARM-E designation at that time.

You need to speak the language of ERM. And with the help of the Institutes and RIMS, you will be fluent!
Purchase your study materials for ARM-E!
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*If you would like to purchase individual study materials, please contact The Institutes' Customer Success Department at 800-644-2101 for assistance

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