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Associate in Management (AIM)

You can benefit from a comprehensive management education!

In today's rapidly changing business climate, the ability to manage people and resources well and to make smart business decisions quickly are needed skills! Earning the AIM designation can increase your confidence as you manage direct reports, as well as increase your credibility with those in senior level positions. The AIM program includes human resource management, analysis of current business issues, and general management principles and practices.

This program is designed for people with middle or upper-level management experience who have planning, organizing, controlling, decision-making, or administrative responsibilities. AIM is also appropriate for those who have completed supervisory management programs and are about to move into middle management positions, or are interested in moving into middle management positions.

The AIM program concentrates on teaching management principles and general managerial skills, human resource management, and effective leadership in a variety of organizational roles.

We recommend AIM for: Mid-level managers

The following courses are required to earn the AIM designation:

AIM 40 - Management

AIM 44 - Human Resources Management

AIM 45 - Managing Business Organizations Today



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