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"I joined RIMS as a young professional to gain access to a global community of risk professionals. RIMS gives me the opportunity to network with peers and industry leaders, and offers me access to a wealth of educational material and industry knowledge that assists me in advancing my personal and professional development."

Samantha Nicholson
FCIP, CRM, Risk Analyst II, Risk Management & Claims Law & Legislative Services Department, The City of Calgary

Main Types of Membership (Outside US & Canada)

I live in the US or Canada



A full-time professional with risk management responsibilities exclusively for one organization.


Includes two Professionals. Each additional Professional is $2403



A full-time professional with risk management responsibilities exclusively for one organization.

$370 or $1004

For Professional


A provider of products or services to those in the risk management profession. For example, you are a broker, underwriter, consultant, attorney, accountant, and actuary or outsourced risk manager.

$660 or $1495

For Associate

Benefits of RIMS Membership

Other Types of Memberships

Young Professional (under 26 years of age) – $149

Young Associate – $149

Student Membership – $256

A full-term undergraduate or graduate student working towards a degree in risk management, insurance, or business. A student membership must not be otherwise employed in a role that would qualify them for any other membership category.

Educational Membership – $125

A full-time professor or dean in a program providing risk management, insurance, or business education.

Retired Membership – $125

A professional or associate member of RIMS immediately prior to your full retirement. Contact the Membership Department to inquire.

Transitional Membership – No Cost7

Available to professional or associate members of RIMS upon their separation from their current place of employment. Transitional membership is renewable once, or a maximum of 2 years from the date of separation. Contact the Membership Department to inquire.

"I am a member of RIMS for several key reasons. To gain access to the educational and networking opportunities offered year round, and to collaborate with and learn from members, given their insight and understanding of risk management. I am also a proud volunteer for my chapter, and know that my voice and experiences adds to the local community and helps provide a platform for other risk professionals to engage and stay informed"

Carnell Jones
Risk Programs Manager, InterPark Holdings, LLC

1 Chapter membership available to all RIMS members for an additional fee.

2 RIMS members receive preferential pricing on all events and educational offerings. Non-members may pay up to US $780 more on registration for the Annual Conference, as well as higher rates for other events, workshops, online courses and the RIMS-CRMP certification.

3 Additional Professionals may be added to your Organizational membership only when you initially join, or during your renewal period. At all other times, professionals may join under the Individual Professional membership category.

4 Developed Countries is $350 and Emerging Countries is $100. View a list of Developed and Emerging countries/areas.

5 Developed Countries is $625 and Emerging Countries is $149. View a list of Developed and Emerging countries/areas.

6 The Student membership year is Oct. 1 - Sept. 30, however you can join anytime within this cycle. To request a waiver of student dues form, contact our Membership Department
Student chapter dues only required for Cumberland, Greater Plains, and Greater Kansas City chapters.

7 Membership terminates upon acceptance of employment. To obtain Retired or Transitional Membership, please email our Membership Department