Associate in Risk Management (ARM) Designation

To be an effective risk manager, you need to develop the skills that are vital to effectively controlling, assessing, and financing risk. The Associate in Risk Management (ARM) program helps you enhance your risk management skills by teaching you how to build and implement a balanced risk financing strategy using retention, transfer, and hybrids.

ARM helps employees to:

  • Enhance contribution to organization's value by acquiring skills needed to develop effective and thorough risk assessments.
  • Increase participation in risk control programs through  better understanding of staff motivation.
  • Support the organization's overall financial goals by learning to build and implement a balanced risk financing strategy using retention, transfer, and hybrids.

We recommend ARM for: Agents/brokers, agency principals, line of business managers and executives, risk managers, and operational risk staff for banks and insurers.


Exam Preparation

The Associate in Risk Management program consists of the three courses listed below:  (It is best to take ARM 400 prior to taking ARM 401 or ARM 402)

ARM 400: Risk in an Evolving World

Topics: The changing risk environment, risk management today, risk in an organization, detecting risk, holistic risk governance, leveraging data, organizational checks and balances, successful compliance, strategy, and the resilient organization.

ARM 401: Holistically Assessing Risk

Topics: Identifying and analyzing risk, leveraging risk models, data-driven decision making, preparing for hazards, cyber risk’s hidden threats, uncovering operational risks, preserving reputation in the digital age, the risks behind the numbers, and protecting the supply chain. 

ARM 402: Successfully Treating Risk

Topics: Risk treatment basics, the role of insurance in risk treatment, alternative risk financing strategies, protecting intellectual property, risks on the move, navigating legal and regulatory risk, internal controls and operational risks, protecting capital, and optimizing risk for strategic advantage.

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Exam Registration

To obtain the study materials and register for the exams and for more information, please contact The Institutes at 800.644.2101 or visit their website at

ARM Exams are given during four 2-month-long testing windows: 

  • January 15 - March 15
  • April 15 - June 15
  • July 15 - September 15
  • October 15 - December 15


Other ARM Designations

  • Associate in Risk Management - ERM (ARM-E)
  • Associate in Risk Management for Public Entities (ARM-P)