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Board Dynamics: Confidence, Communication and Clarity

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As nearly every landscape grows more uncertain, organizational leaders depend on risk professionals for feedback, insight, and results. In this webinar, ClearRisk CEO Craig Rowe, ICD.D, will lead a panel discussion about communicating with boardrooms and how the right delivery can boost your career and enhance your professional profile.

For a preview of this session’s content, listen to a special RIMScast interview with Craig Rowe on the Path to the Boardroom page.

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Learning Objectives

  • What the boards of today care about.
  • How to deliver the information in a way that will hold the audience’s interest and make an impact.
  • How to develop the skill of communicating with a board.


Craig Rowe

Craig Rowe, ICD.D

Jo Mark Zurel

Jo Mark Zurel
Director & Human Resources
Committee Chair


Dale Noseworthy

Dale Noseworthy
Chief Financial Officer
Killam Apartment REIT

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