Professional Development Chapter Events

Enhance the value of chapter membership by bringing RIMS workshops directly to your members. RIMS professional development workshops are developed by risk practitioners and provide cutting-edge ideas from industry leaders in an interactive setting.

Bring a RIMS Workshop to Your Chapter

  • Choose from 20 different topics (two or three day programs)
  • Provide a quality learning experience
  • Take advantage of preferred Chapter pricing
  • Enhance the value of Chapter Membership
    • Raise the awareness of emerging risk management concepts so members can play
      a more strategic role in their organization
    • Provide relevant tools and skills for improved job performance
    • Enhance member networking opportunities
    • Reduce the cost of travel and time out of office
    • Enable members to stay competitive in today’s rapidly changing business environment

Chapter Event Packages Include

  • Workshop with instructor services (2 or 3 days dependent on workshop)

    Two-Day Instructor led workshop: $4,500 plus out of pocket expenses*
    Three-Day Instructor led workshop: $6,500 plus out of pocket expenses*
  • Electronic copy of presentation, and handout materials such as case studies, exercises, checklists additional resources (dependent on workshop) for duplication and distribution
  • Project plan to help you promote and coordinate the event

For a listing of available topics, visit our Workshop List.

The Chapter is ultimately responsible for payment, but may use chapter funds to subsidize the expense or re-coup the cost from participants.

We recommend a maximum of no more than twenty participants to a program in order to keep it interactive and participatory.

For more information contact: Kate Powers, | 212.655.6031

*The chapter also coordinates and covers out-of-pocket expenses, such as training room rental, audiovisual equipment, refreshments and instructor travel (one round-trip airline ticket, hotel, food, and local transportation). This cost varies based on session location.