Elevating Risk Management

In today’s uncertain and fast-changing environment, risk professionals are playing a critical role supporting strategic decision-making and preparing their organizations for whatever may come next.


Upon joining RIMS, members receive their own RIMS Digital Member Badge that highlights their commitment to professional development, as well as their pursuit of risk management knowledge and best practices.


Learn how you can obtain your RIMS Digital Member Badge today.



How can I obtain a Digital Member Badge?

Upon joining RIMS, you will receive instructions on how you can add your badge.

I am already a member. How can I get my badge?

As a RIMS member, you have received an email about your RIMS Digital Member Badge. If you missed that email, you can easily access your badge by going to https://www.youracclaim.com/,  creating an account and accepting your badge. Your Acclaim account MUST be the same email as your RIMS membership.

Where can I share by Digital Member Badge?

  • Your email signature
  • Social media: LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp

Do you have instructions on how to share the Digital Member Badge?

On youracclaim.com, you can find instructions on how to add your badge to your email and share your badge on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp.

How long is my Digital Member Badge valid?

Any organization or individual that has an active membership with RIMS also has an active Digital Member Badge. A badge is considered active and allowed to be shared on an email signature, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp for any member type that maintains their RIMS membership. 

My Digital Member Badge says that my RIMS membership has expired. How can I update the status of my membership and badge?


If your Digital Member Badge has expired, you can simply renew and continue your RIMS membership here or contact the Membership department at membershipdepartment@rims.org.


I tried to follow the instructions, but something went wrong. Who do I contact?

For any questions regarding the RIMS Digital Member Badge, or regarding joining RIMS or renewing your RIMS membership, please contact the Membership department at membershipdepartment@rims.org.