Chapter Membership

The most important resource a chapter has is it's members. Having accurate data on your membership and effective engagement is vital to long term chapter success.

Membership Reports

RIMS has developed membership reports to reduce the amount of time required to communicate with chapter members, non-members that are associated with a chapter, prospects, as well as individuals the chapter leader choses to add to their contact list.  Since members can login at any time and update their records, Chapter Leaders who keep their own database may not have the most up-to-date records.

There are no restrictions on the types or frequency of messages that a Chapter Leader may send to its contacts through this system but CAN-SPAM regulations require that email blasts must contain an opt-out function. The "unsubscribe" function this system provides automatically updates the main database.

Opt-In to Quarterly Membership Reports from RIMS with Member Contact Information (Note: This can Only Be Requested by the Chapter President)

New Members

Accessing the New Member Report on a monthly basis to communicate with members that have joined in the last 30, 60 or 90 days to engage them at the chapter level.

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Expired Members

Having a local practitioner follow-up with members listed on the Expired Member Report that have allowed their membership to expire will help increase the member reinstatement rate, by reinforcing the value of lo​cal peer connections.​

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Expiring Members

Utilizing the Expiring Member Report to communicate the value of the local chapter with members expiring in the next 30 or 60 days will increase the member retention rate.

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All Chapter Contacts

Assessing the Full Member Report to promote local meetings and RIMS events with existing chapter members and prospects will increase their level of engagement.

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*To run this, click on the link and use the search contacts functions in RIMSMail, then click Export link on the left side.

Description of Member Groups

  1. Members (excluding Associates)

    The "Members (excluding Associates)" group contains the following member types:

    • Primary Professional  
    • Secondary Professional  
    • Additional Professional 
    • Transitional
    • Honorary  
    • Retiree  
    • Educational
    • Student

    This group also includes those people who have applied for membership, but have not yet been approved (their status = Waiting for Approval (Inactive)).

  2. Associates

    The "Associates" group contains only Associates of the Society.

  3. Prospects

    The "Prospect" group contains certain individuals who RIMS has classed as a "Prospective Member".

  4. Non-Members

    The "Non-Member" group contains the following non-member types:

    • Primary Professional Past Members
    • Secondary Professional Past Members  
    • Additional Professional Past Members  
    • Honorary Past Members  
    • Retiree Past Members  
    • Educational Past Members  
    • Student Past Members  
    • General Non-Members

    If a member has not renewed, then they will be "Primary Deputy Past Member" (if they used to be a Primary Deputy).  Their status will be "Didn't Renew (Dropped)" or "Cancelled" if they notified RIMS that they no longer wished to be a RIMS member.

Tips and Tools

Stay Engaged with Your Chapter Base and Attract New Members

Review the Volunteer Management Handbookto Help Effectively Engage Future Chapter Leaders

Educate Your Chapter and Prospective Members on the Value of a RIMS Membership

Share the Member Benefits Reference Guidewith your Chapter Members

Reporting Tools



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