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Richard W. Bland Award

Hosted By: Greater Kansas City Chapter

The Award
Presented by the President of RIMS at the annual RIMS conference, this award is given in memory of the Kansas City Chapter's own Richard "Dick" W. Bland in recognition of outstanding performance and effort by a RIMS member in the area of legislation and/or regulation related to risk and insurance. The award consists of a suitably engraved plaque (or other appropriate object) which is presented at the annual RIMS Conference. The “Dick” Bland Award was conceived by the Kansas City Chapter, and the rules governing the award were written by Chapter members W. Hembree and C. Reid in collaboration with (then) A.S.I.M. President D. Barlow.  Although this is a national level award, the Kansas City Chapter is responsible for the selection of the award's recipient.

The Man
Richard "Dick" W. Bland was born on June 17, 1910, and died of a heart attack at the age of 60, on February 21, 1971. At the time of his death, Dick was employed by Panhandle Eastern Pipeline Company of Kansas City, Missouri, as “Risk Manager” - the first person in the U.S. to claim that coveted title. Dick was also proud to be called a rancher, as he, along with his wife, Mildred, and their two children, owned and operated a 340 acre beef cattle ranch near Gower, Missouri. Throughout his career, Dick worked ceaselessly for the professionalism and recognition of risk managers. Not only did Dick become a charter member of A.S.I.M. (now RIMS) in 1950, but in 1964 he recognized the need for and founded the Greater Kansas City Society of Insurance Management. He was also a co-founder of the Pipe Line Insurance Managers Conference and served as the permanent Secretary for many years. As Vice President-Legislation for the American Management Association, Dick helped plan many meaningful AMA seminars for both risk managers and employee benefit administrators. Dick also fostered risk management through positions he held with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the Missouri Chamber of Commerce, the Associated Industries of Missouri and the Associated Industries of Kansas. Perhaps the sharpest impression of Dick comes from his activity as a long-time member of the ASIM National Legislative Committee, where he stood out as the man who most clearly recognized the need for risk managers to understand any legislation that affected their operations and to speak out effectively for measures that would protect corporate insurance consumers. Dick practiced what he preached by keeping in close contact with legislators and with legislation in the states of Kansas and Missouri, as well as at the national level. Dick involved many other members of the Kansas City chapter to assist him in those legislative efforts, and he contributed mightily to our education.

Submission Guidelines
The Boards of Directors of all RIMS Chapters are invited to submit nominations no later than January 4, 2019 for the Richard W. Bland Memorial Award in order to qualify for possible presentation at the annual risk management conference.

The following suggestions are offered so that your nominee will receive every consideration:

  1. The Award may be based on performance in the calendar year preceding the year of presentation and/or continued prior service.
  2. When submitting an award, special attention should be given to the nominee's following attributes:
  • Performance information
  • Biography
  • Examples of legislation/grass roots involvement
  • Copies of letters/testimony/presentations before committees of the legislative bodies and commissions of such bodies, published articles, endorsements and testimonials (prepared by the nominee)

Judging of entries will be done by the awards committee of the Greater Kansas City Chapter. Entries should contain biographical information on the candidate as well as complete information regarding his or her accomplishments in the legislative/regulatory field.

Rules and regulations governing the award are as follows:

1. The Award

a) The Award shall be called the Richard W. Bland Memorial Award.  It is created to recognize outstanding performance and effort by deputy members of the Risk and Insurance Management Society, Inc. in the field of legislation and/or regulation of risk and insurance.

b) The Award shall be determined by the Chapter in consultation with RIMS.

c) This Award is established, maintained and granted by the Greater Kansas City Chapter of the Risk and Insurance Management Society, Inc.

d) The Award shall be presented by the President of RIMS at an appropriate session during the annual conference of the Society.

2. Eligibility

a) Any deputy member of RIMS is eligible for the Award.  For clarity, a deputy member is defined in the national constitution and bylaws.

b) No deputy member shall be disqualified because of any office he or she holds in RIMS or his Chapter.

3. Performance Qualifications
The Award is granted for outstanding performance or effort in the areas of legislation and/or regulation.

a) "Performance and effort" is envisioned as embracing service by the nominee on either the state, provincial or federal level and could include (but not necessarily be restricted to) such activity as:

i.        Influencing or securing passage of legislation favorable to insureds and, conversely, blocking passage of unfavorable legislation.

ii.        Working towards securing revision of onerous existing laws to render them more compatible with the needs of insureds. Cooperating with the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, Association of Superintendents of Insurance of the Provinces of Canada, various State and Provincial Insurance Commissioners and Superintendents and other governmental or industry groups to promulgate desirable model legislation.

iii.        Engaging in actual formulation and sponsoring introduction of bills favorable to insureds.

iv.        Taking part in promulgation or revision of regulations affecting the administration of insurance by various governmental bodies.

v.        Advising chapter and national members of RIMS of legislation or regulations affecting their interests and encouraging action.

vi.        Apprising legislators, insurance commissioners and others of the industrial insured’s viewpoint through personal contact or by putting in their hands appropriate risk management publications. 

vii.        Representing the interests of the risk management community in any legislative or regulatory activity or issue.

viii.        Providing support to the efforts of other groups or individuals to represent the interests of the risk management community in any legislative or regulatory activity or issue.

b) Provide examples of involvement in educating the public, legislative or regulatory personnel of proposed changes. Examples may include narrative of such activities, copies of event schedules where the candidate presented information to a group of insurance consumers, business leaders or political figures.

c) Provide copies of any of the candidate's published articles and/or copies of articles published in a local, state or national publication which quote the candidate or describes the candidate's legislative activities.

4. Procedure

a) Annually, the Board of Directors of the Greater Kansas City Chapter of RIMS shall appoint three of the deputy members of the chapter to constitute an Award Committee to administer this Award. The Committee shall elect its chair and secretary from among its members.

b) The Board of Directors of any chapter may nominate for the Award any deputy member of RIMS.

c) Then nominations must be submitted to the Chair of the Award Committee by January 12th.

d) The Award Committee will notify RIMS of their selection by February 15th. 

e) While only one Award may be granted each year, the Award Committee shall have the power to decline to grant such Award.

f) The decision of the Award Committee shall be final.




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