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Goodell Award Past Recipients

Year Recipient
​2016 ​Christopher E. Mandel
Janice Ochenkowski
Mark A. DeLillo
2013 Daniel W. Houston
2012 Margaret S. Accordino
2011 Glen Frederick
2010 Stephen Wilder
2009 Carol Fox
2008 Diane Wolfson
2007 Bill Kelly
2006 Roger Andrews
2005 Susan Meltzer
2004 William Mather
2003 Ronald Stasch
2002 Jorge Luzzi
2001 Do​nald M. Stuart
2000 Donald T. Browne
1999 Ronald Winans
1998 George Betterley
1997 Marc Darby
1996 James Smirles
1995 Anita Benedetti
1994 Felix Kloman
1993 P. Richard Hackenburg
1992 Richard Heydinger
1991 Ronald Judd
1990 Edith Lichota
1989 Kathryn McIntyre
1988 C.J. Spivey
1987 George Head
1986 Norman Chanzis
1985 Robert Herrick
1984 Russell Drake
1983 Howard Weber
1982 Douglas Barlow
1981 Walter Woodward
1980 Daniel E. Sullivan
1979 William Altstaetter



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