RIMS REPORT: Steps to Successful Risk Taking - Developing an Effective Risk Appetite & Risk Tolerance Statement

April 12, 2016

Report Highlights Industries’ Risk Statement Development Process
NEW YORK (April 12, 2016) —  A formal risk appetite and risk tolerance statement can become a powerful strategic tool for not only managing risk but also for maintaining an effective balance between risk and reward – according to RIMS’ newly released Executive Report “Steps to Successful Risk Taking: Developing an Effective Risk Appetite and Risk Tolerance Statement.”
A follow up to a RIMS 2012 report, the 2016 “Steps to Successful Risk Taking” RIMS Executive Report defines commonly used terms, characteristics of a well-defined corporate risk appetite statement and strategies for connecting statements to strategy. The report also provides examples of risk appetite statements developed by organizations from various industries, as well as the process for developing such statements implemented by a manufacturer, nonprofit and an insurance carrier.
“In addition to providing stakeholders with a better understanding of how the organization will approach uncertainties, the risk appetite development process also promotes productive conversations that positively contribute to the organization’s future,” said report author and Chair of RIMS Enterprise Risk Management Committee Frank Fiorille. “Aligning these statements with strategy has sparked a shift from organizations focusing on the impact of risk to informed risk takers.”
The report was authored by the following members of RIMS Enterprise Risk Management Committee: Frank Fiorille, senior director of risk management, Paychex Inc.; Robert Gould, director, internal audit, Harley-Davidson, Inc.; Linda Conrad, director of strategic business risk, Zurich Group; Grace Crickette, associate vice president, business operations, San Francisco State University; and Carol Fox, vice president, strategic initiatives, RIMS.
RIMS Executive Report “Steps to Successful Risk Taking: Developing Risk an Effective Risk Appetite and Risk Tolerance Statement” is available in RIMS Risk Knowledge library www.RIMS.org/RiskKnowledge.  The report is free for both RIMS members and non-members.

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