Taking the guesswork out of RISKWORLD....

April 16, 2024

Risk management attempts to take the guessing out of decision-making. For our organizations to look forward, risk professionals must uncover and assess the right information to empower our colleagues to make informed and strategic decisions.  RISKWORLD is a great opportunity to interact with thought leaders, to build and enhance our skills, and to check out solutions to problems and issues, so that we can be even better risk professionals when we get back home.

While RISKWORLD is just weeks away, risk professionals heading to San Diego don’t have to guess what’s in store for them once they get there. Allow me to share a little bit of RISKWORLD insight with you. I’ll get the conversation going with this message but let’s continue it on the RIMS Engage networking forum.

Here are my tips to help take the guessing out of RISKWORLD:

First, set a schedule.  Some people might say, “I’ll figure it out when I get there.” But, with nearly 150 education sessions, tons of networking events, and approximately 300 exhibitors, making a plan ahead of time is the only way to maximize your RISKWORLD experience.

Second, introduce yourself.  Thousands of risk professionals are heading to San Diego and for a large group, this is their first time too. And, while there are many reasons why one might attend, making connections and building a network should be close to the top of everyone’s list. RISKWORLD is a great place to expand your professional network, so go make those connections and introduce yourself to the person next to you…especially if that person is sitting in the same education session as you.

Next, this is your time. There is no question that RISKWORLD is the perfect place to hold business meetings, but this is your time.  Make sure that your development and growth are your number one priority. Attend sessions.  Explore the RISKWORLD Marketplace.  Meetings can happen any time of the year, but RISKWORLD is a once-a-year event.

Making yourself the priority should also include a little celebrating. Risk professionals often deal with some of the most difficult business situations. Take this time at RISKWORLD to recharge and celebrate all that you have accomplished. While I’m not looking forward to its end, the RIMS-Sedgwick Closing Party is a can’t miss RISKWORLD experience and I highly recommend adding it to your calendar.  You deserve it.

My last tip: wear comfortable shoes and stay hydrated. The convention center is huge, and you are going to be doing a lot of walking, and maybe a little running, between sessions, meetings, restaurants, hotels, and other sites around San Diego.

We don’t need to guess about the future of risk management.  The students entering the profession are inspiring. Twenty students will be attending RISKWORLD as part of the Anita Benedetti Student Involvement Program. Also, the Spencer-RIMS Risk Management Challenge initiative will welcome eight university teams – from a record-breaking four countries – to San Diego. While there, the teams will compete in front of an audience, delivering risk management solutions for a real-world case study.  The eight schools headed to RISKWORLD can be found here.  I’m looking forward to seeing them in action.

Taking the guesswork out of the fate of pending legislation that impacts risk professionals’ is also important to risk management’s future. RIMS RISKPAC will host a breakfast celebrating Jennifer Santiago, RIMS 2023 President, on Wednesday, May 8 at RISKWORLD. The breakfast is open to RISKPAC donors.  To learn more about RISKPAC and to make a donation to attend the breakfast, visit RISKPAC DONATION.  To RSVP to the breakfast, visit RISKPAC Breakfast.

There is a lot waiting for us in San Diego.  But, like a good risk professional, set a plan, get out from behind your coffee cup and make connections, and most importantly, make this experience about you. 

I sincerely look forward to welcoming the world’s risk management community to RISKWORLD and can’t wait to celebrate our collective success.  See you in San Diego!


David Arick
RIMS 2024 President

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