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Categories and Dues

Membership Type Cost How to Join


You belong to a company / organization for which you have risk responsibilities

$600 (plus chapter dues)
(includes two professional individual memberships)

($200 plus chapter dues for each additional professional member)

Join Online

Join Online


You provide products or services to those in the risk management profession. For example, you are a broker, underwriter, consultant, attorney, accountant, and actuary or outsourced risk manager

$575 (plus chapter dues)
(includes one membership)

Join Online


You are a full-time undergraduate or graduate student working towards a degree in risk management, insurance, or business

FREE (plus chapter dues*)
*Only for Cumberland​ and Northern Nevada chapters

The student me​mbership year is Oct. 1-Sept. 30, however you can join anytime within this cycle. Starting August 15, the student dues will be $25 for the 2017-2018 student membership year.

Join Online


You are a full-time professor or dean in a program providing risk management, insurance, or business education

$125 (plus chapter dues)
(includes one membership)

Join Online


You were a professional or associate member of RIMS immediately prior to your full retirement

$125 (plus chapter dues)
(includes one membership)

PDF Form


Available to Professional or Associate member upon their separation from their current place of employment. Transitional membership is renewable once, or a maximum of 2 years from the date of separation
Membership terminates upon acceptance of employment

No Cost


If you would like a pdf version of the RIMS membership application please email us at



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