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Goodell Award Guidelines

Recognizing Outstanding Achievement in the Field of Risk Management

The Harry and Dorothy Goodell Award is sponsored by the Risk and Insurance Management Society, Inc. and is the most prestigious award that the Risk and Insurance Management Society, Inc. bestows upon an individual. The Goodell Award recognizes one person who is furthering the goals of risk management and RIMS through outstanding achievement. Harry Goodell, the first president of RIMS, established this award.

Eligible Nominees

Anyone participating in the discipline of risk management, who has made significant contributions to the field of risk management and/or RIMS during her/his career. RIMS members and non-members may be nominated and will be considered based upon the established criteria.

Deadline: January 5, 2018 (5pm ET)

To Nominate an Individual:

Complete the Goodell Nomination Form and answer as fully and completely as possible, each of the questions covering the award criteria. Ensure that the answer to any question does not exceed 2000 characters (about half an A4 page of information).


The Goodell Award recognizes superior contributions by an individual to RIMS and/or to risk management. It is offered as a lifetime achievement award and the highest award offered by the Society.


It is not a requirement that a nominee be a member of RIMS. However, primary consideration should be given to RIMS members who have made significant contributions to the Society. Nominations will be considered for any individual who meets the criteria outlined below. RIMS Board of Directors members are ineligible for this award during their tenure on the Board and for the immediate two years thereafter.

The Award

  1. A gift of recognition suitably engraved and bearing the name of the recipient and the date.
  2. Recognition of the individual at the Annual Conference & Exhibition by presentation of the gift.
  3. Appropriate recognition in RIMS publications and web site.

Selection Committee

The Goodell Award Selection Committee shall consist of the immediate Former President of RIMS, who shall chair the committee; the RIMS President; the First Vice President; the Executive Director; and, three members of the RIMS Board of Directors selected by the immediate Former President.


  1. No single activity or accomplishment should qualify a nominee to receive the Goodell Award. Superior service over many years and substantial service to RIMS and / or major contributions to risk management are being sought.
  2. Significant and outstanding contributions to the local RIMS chapter, to the Society and/or to the risk management community.
  3. Noteworthy participation in activities outside the Society which have brought favorable credit to RIMS and/or to risk management. This should include public appearances at RIMS functions, and at other industry conferences and seminars, editorial or writing of note for Risk Management or other trade publications. Other public or industry activities shall be acknowledged as well.
  4. Liaison activities or efforts to promote risk management concepts or RIMS.
  5. Development of new or innovative concepts for RIMS or risk management.
  6. Innovation or superior effort in risk management or industry educational activities.
  7. Committee service to RIMS at the chapter or Society level or comparable industry service.
  8. Recognition by RIMS or industry peers relative to RIMS or industry contributions or activities

For any further information, contact Aurea Hernando by phone at 212.655.6597.​​



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