Leadership Corner

Patrick Sterling

RIMS 2022 President

Patrick Sterling, SPHR, SHRM-SCP

Vice President of Legendary People, Texas Roadhouse

RIMS President Patrick Sterling highlights the Society's latest resources, events, content and initiatives created to support the world's risk management community.


Culture Changers

Nov 28, 2022

RIMS President Patrick Sterling gives an update on the latest from RIMS including the reaccreditation of the RIMS-CRMP certification, the Society's letter to the Federal Insurance Office regarding a cyber insurance backstop, the launch of RISKWORLD's registration and more...

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Copenhagen to Toledo

Oct 28, 2022

RIMS President Patrick Sterling shares his experiences meeting with risk professionals around the world and also gives an update about the upcoming RIMS ERM Conference, RISKWORLD, the Society's advocacy efforts and new resources...

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Ride The Wave

Sep 6, 2022

RIMS President Patrick Sterling urges risk professionals to keep the momentum going and highlights the latest RIMS resources, event news and educational opportunities to help them do so...

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At The Top of Our Game

Jul 6, 2022

From new online workshops, to RIMS Canada, RISKWORLD 2023 and more, RIMS President Patrick Sterling shares this update from the Society....

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Globally Aware

Jun 3, 2022

RIMS President Patrick Sterling shares his thoughts on recent events, opportunities for risk professionals, as well as new resources from the Society...

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On The Road Again

May 2, 2022

RIMS President Patrick Sterling shares the latest updates and news from RIMS....

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Mar 25, 2022

In preparation of RISKWORLD, RIMS President Patrick Sterling gives us an inside look at all that is waiting for risk professionals in San Francisco.

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We're Cooking

Feb 1, 2022

RIMS President Patrick Sterling helps get RIMS off to a hot start in 2022. In this message he shares updates about the Society's, RIMS recent tech conference, the release of RIMS Compensation Survey, RISKWORLD and more...

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Jan 3, 2022

Patrick Sterling will serve as RIMS 2022 President. He shares his goals for the upcoming year, as well as his commitment to ensuring that the Society continues to set strategies to develop confidence-boosting resources and opportunities that empower the global risk community.

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One World

Dec 6, 2021

RIMS President Ellen Dunkin reflects on 2021, shares the latest news and updates from RIMS and announces RISKWORLD, the Society's renowned annual conference and exhibition.

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