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ZAP! The Electrification of Commercial Fleets- Opportunities & Risks Sponsored by Aviva-April 28,2022

Canada’s greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions increased 27% from 2000 -2018 in the transportation sector; with GHG emissions continuing to increase in the freight transportation industry. The transportation segment accounts for approximately 25% of the national GHG emissions. Under the Paris Agreement, Canada pledged to reduce national GHG emissions by 30% by the year 2030. The provinces of Quebec and British Columbia have implemented regulations requiring the transition from diesel and gasoline-powered commercial vehicles to new zero-emission models in specific industry segments.;

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Have you Unbundled? How to Improve Supply Chain and Property Casualty Profile-Sponsored by TUV SUD May 5, 2022

In this webinar, TÜV SÜD Americas CFO Dr. Fabian Schober will explore the critical role of independent risk assessments. Learn why unbundling risk assessments from insurance helps companies control risk management and insurance programs.;

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What Really Happens When You Negotiate with a Hacker: An Insider’s View - Sponsored by Gallagher CORE360

In this interactive webinar, you will navigate a real-life scenario more businesses are experiencing as ransomware attacks continue to increase across the globe.;

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Mediation - Risk Mitigation Technique - Sponsored by J.B. Boda Group

Mediation is ancient and deep rooted in Indian culture and history. According to ancient accounts, Lord Shri Krishna tried to mediate between Kauravas and Pandawas before the Mahabharata War but was unsuccessful and the resulting conflict was a disaster. Traditionally, disputes or differences between villagers were resolved by the village Panchayats in consultation with the parties to the dispute. However, since India adopted the adversarial judicial system developed during the colonial regime, meditation is no longer commonly used. ;

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Deadly Weapons and Risk Resilience

Gun violence is on the rise across the U.S., and while no one wants to imagine a deadly weapons event happening to them, the reality is that the past two years have been the deadliest years for gun violence on record with more than 1,300 mass shootings1 in 2020–2021.;

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Cyber, and Data, and Regulatory Risks (to Avoid)—Oh My! | Sponsored by Beazley - June 2, 2022

Few industries have seen more dramatic growth in recent years than that of virtual care. Telehealth’s benefits—including improved access and affordability—have been hard to deny, ensuring that the virtual care industry is here to stay. With this new host of services, however, comes an evolving risk landscape that includes a wide range of cyber and technology-related exposures.;

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