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  • Rims 2019 Livestream

    Can't attend RIMS 2019? Watch select sessions live from your computer or mobile device. We’re livestreaming the General Session and Opening Keynote with Erin Meyer, as well as the Cyber & Technology Risk Track.

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    Livestream Events:
    General Session and Opening Keynote
    Cyber & Technology Risk Track, sponsored by
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    • Cyber Coverage for Things That Go Boom! Hackers Out to Destroy
    • Beyond Bitcoin: What Blockchain Technology Means to the Risk Professional
    • Cyber Security Risk Management: Finding and Fixing Your Security Vulnerabilities
    • Cyber Resilience with Social Media and Digital DNA: Managing Risk from the Inside Out
    • Dealing with Artificial Intelligence Incidents: Plan Now to Have Evidence Later
    • Silent Cyber: Viewing Cyber as a Peril
    • California’s Consumer Privacy Act of 2018: Navigating the New Statutory Privacy Standard
    • Cyber Liability for Autonomous Vehicles: Operations, Data Communication and Personal Data Storage
    • Strategic Risk Management and Cyber Risk at 50,000 Feet

    How to register for a livestream session:
    1. Sign in to Opis-Ed with your RIMS username and password.
    2. Click the “RIMS 2019” button in the navigation bar at the top. This will take you to the RIMS 2019 Livestreaming page.
    3. Click the livestream session you’re interested in (e.g. RIMS 2019: General Session and Opening Keynote).*
    4. On the following page, click the blue “Register” button on the right-hand side. You are now registered for the livestream. (When you come back to the RIMS 2019 Live Streaming page, you will see a green “Registered” ribbon on the event.)
    5. Thirty minutes before the event starts, you will log in to Opis-Ed, navigate to the RIMS 2019 Live Streaming page, click the event you registered for and then click the “Join Live Web Event” button.

    6. *Note: The Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday web events feature multiple cyber risk sessions. You would click the “Register” button to register for the day, but you’d only have to join the livestream 30 minutes before the time of the session(s) you want to attend.