Wellness Zenter

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Find ways to thrive in 2021. Developing healthy workplaces has never been more important than now, as we all drive to thrive during challenging times.  Reinforce your commitment to the physical, emotional and financial wellness of your workforce with on-demand resources in the Wellness Zenter, sponsored by Sedgwick. In these quick, conversational sessions, experts offer guidance on a variety of health and productivity topics – from employee experience and engagement to safety tips, legislative changes impacting health and wellness, drug trends, accommodations and return to work during COVID-19. You’ll also find healthy cooking tips from a Chicago chef, and we encourage you to learn more about our 2021 Wellness Zenter charity partner, the Chicago Restaurant Workers Relief Fund.



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  1. Elevating Experience, Engagement and Empathy
  2. Staying Ahead of Safety Trends, Protocols and Preparation
  3. Navigating Changing Legislation Where Health and Compliance Matter
  4. The Drugs That Keep Us Up At Night
  5. Blurring the Lines Between Accommodations
  6. Establishing a Culture of Mental Health Sensitivity
  7. Emphasizing Ergonomics and Safety in a Home Office
  8. Demystifying Mindfulness and Meditation
  9. Destressing Your Life
  10. Healthy Cooking Demo
  11. Tips for Stocking Your Pantry
  12. Inside Look-Cooking for Good Times: Super Delicious, Super Simple



Sedgwick RIMS 2021 Charity: Southern Smoke Foundation