Thought Leader Theater

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Swiss Re

Thought Leader Theater (TLT) offers you additional education through a series of succinct, interactive discussions on a variety of topics. Check out these high-speed 20-minute presentations on-demand starting Monday, April 19. Click here for more information on each presentation.


  1. Bad Faith, Policyholders and Brokers: Navigating Tricky Waters
  2. Builder’s Risk: Managing Interests and Anticipating Pitfalls in the Claims Process
  3. Comparing Cyber BI Versus Traditional BI
  4. Do Not Let Your Cargo Run Aground: 10 Tips to Build a Better Marine Cargo Policy
  5. Do You Have to Use Panel Counsel If Your Insurer Picks Up the Defense?
  6. How to Attack the Top Drivers of D&O Rates
  7. International Surety for Dummies
  8. Is It Possible to Crisis-Proof an Organization with Risk Management?
  9. Liability Megatrend to Watch: Social Inflation
  10. Litigation Funding 2021: Leveling the Playing Field or Funding the Takedown?
  11. Loss Forecasting 101: A Risk Professional’s Guide
  12. Stop Arguing, Start Negotiating
  13. The Step-by-Step Process to Create an Elite Workers’ Compensation Program
  14. The War Exclusion: The Next Big Cyber Insurance Battleground
  15. Tips for Avoiding the Feared Failure to Cooperate and Voluntary Payments Defenses
  16. When Your Employee Is Gored by a Bull in Taipei: Managing Risk in a Global Organization