Global Studio

Visit the Global Studio to check out 20-minute internationally-focused educational presentations. View them on-demand starting Monday, April 19. Click here for more information on each presentation.


  1. Germany’s Current Insurance Market and Issues for Organizations Operating There
  2. Resilience by Design
  3. Logistic and Transportation Risk Management
  4. Captives as Part of Global Insurance Programs
  5. Emergent Risks: The Global Risks Report 2021 from the World Economic Forum
  6. How Recent COVID-19 Developments are Impacting Global Operations
  7. Recall Landscape: What You Need to Know
  8. Business interruption...Groundhog Day?
  9. Mitigating Your Cyber Risk
  10. Managing Insider Threats in Cyber Security: An Underrated Threat Vector
  11. Development and Delivery of Regional Multinational Programs: Best Practices and Lessons Learned
  12. Travel Crisis Averted: Helpful Tips to Keep Your Colleagues’ Travels Safe and Secure
  13. Quantification and Transfer of Cyber Risk
  14. The Changing Risk and Insurance Landscape in India
  15. Trends in Global Risk: Introduction to Global Risks Report 2021
  16. Ransomware: Impacts, Developments and Challenges
  17. Cyber Risk Management: A Priority for a Resilient Economy