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RIMS-CRMP Certification

The Career Lab features informative 20-minute sessions to help you advance your career. View sessions on demand starting Monday, April 19. Click here for more information on each presentation.


  1. 5 Ways Risk Professionals Can Leverage LinkedIn to Expand Their Professional Presence
  2. Become an All-Star Risk Management Coach
  3. Career Risk Management: Storytelling as a Leadership Necessity
  4. Climbing the Corporate Ladder or Taking the Elevator?
  5. How to Talk So CEOs Listen
  6. Unforced Errors: What Cognitive Psychology Can Teach Risk Professionals
  7. The Importance of the RIMS-CRMP in Our Evolving Risk Environment
  8. Elevate Your Risk Career with the RIMS-CRMP Certification
  9. Competitive Advantages of the RIMS-CRMP
  10. Supporting Decision Making
  11. How to Prepare for the RIMS-CRMP Exam
  12. Mastering Key Soft Skills for Risk Professionals
  13. Risk Management Implementation in the Federal Government
  14. Risk Management Reporting in the Federal Government
  15. Analyzing the Business Model
  16. Implementing the Risk Process
  17. Understanding the Federal Government Risk Management Environment
  18. How to Prepare for the RIMS-CRMP Exam
  19. How to Earn the RIMS-CRMP
  20. Designing Organizational Risk Strategies
  21. Developing Organizational Risk Competency
  22. RIMS Benefits for the Next Generation
  23. Funding the Future of the RMI Industry: How the Spencer Educational Foundation Is Making an Impact