Emergency Preparedness Resources

To help you build preparedness messaging for your community, we would like to share the online content and resources available to you from our Alberta friends. These can be found on www.alberta.ca where you will find preparedness materials divided into the following categories:

Hazard Preparedness includes multiple pages dedicated to hazards in Alberta with preparedness tips and 60-second video clips that are sharable on social media including:

  • What to do before, during and after an emergency
  • Wildfires
  • Tornadoes and extreme winds
  • Floods
  • Power and water outages
  • Thunderstorms, lightning, heavy rain and hail
  • Blizzards, freezing rain, ice storms and extreme cold
  • Build an Emergency Kit includes printable brochures and checklists for family, pet, farm animal and vehicle preparedness.

Raise Awareness in Your Community includes tools and resources for communities to raise awareness, including info on emergency preparedness week, #PrepareYourSelfie campaign, and 60-second videos that are sharable on social media.

Make an Emergency Plan includes an emergency preparedness guide, tips on how to communicate during an emergency and information relating to pets, children and a guide for people with disabilities.

Emergency Preparedness includes hazard info and general emergency preparedness information including shelter-in-place and evacuation fact sheets.

Features of the Website
Translated material. Most of our web pages have been translated into multiple languages (Arabic, Chinese, Punjabi, and Spanish). You can see the translation links at the top right hand corner of each webpage. The emergency kit brochure is our only material translated in French at this time, but we hope to have more French translations in the future.

Sharable content for social media. Get Prepared: 60-second emergency tips is a video series aimed to provide preparedness information in simple to follow steps. The videos are available on our webpages and can be found on YourAlberta’s YouTube channel.

Printable fact sheets and brochures. While social distancing is in effect, printable material will likely not be a part of your communications plan. However, it is important to note that our website includes printable material that will be available for you to use when social isolation is no longer our reality.

Smartphone and tablet-friendly content. The content on our website is in HTML format creating a user-friendly experience no matter what device you are using.