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RIMS 2017 Compensation Survey - Contributor

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The 93-page survey provides detailed compensation analysis by industry, location and position for virtually all risk professional positions. The survey also demonstrates the impact of education, experience and certain demographics on compensation, as well as benefits and additional cash compensation programs available to practitioners.

 *Only survey contributors’ may purchase the survey at the contributor rate of $30.00.

 Key Findings include:

-        Education and experience both correlate positively with salary. Those who completed a degree higher than that of a Bachelor’s typically earn $29,200 more than those who did not.

-        Males tend to earn more than female, but also tend to have higher levels of education and experience.

-        US risk management professionals earned a 3.5% average increase in base salary as of June 1, 2017


The survey was conducted by email and disseminated to qualified professional RIMS members. It comprises data from 950 completed surveys submitted by full-time risk professionals and offers findings for seven different risk management job titles. The 2017 RIMS Risk Management Compensation Survey incorporates data from 781 United States and 138 Canadian risk professionals.




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