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AWAKENING THE LEADER WITHIN: A Story of Transformation

Kevin Cashman, one of the world's leading executive coaches, takes readers on a transformative journey to a new way of leading and a new way of living

Awakening the Leader Within guides readers through the Six Seeds of Growth, which Cashman has used to help thousands of business leaders change their personal and work lives for the better. He draws on his renowned executive coaching techniques in order to lead the reader on a path to self-discovery and personal betterment. Based on the premise that you need to grow the person in order to grow the leader, this inspirational and interactive story centers on Benson Quinn, a CEO facing a deluge of personal and professional crises. As Quinn confronts the defining moments of his life, the reader learns valuable lessons about authentic and purposeful leadership, applicable at home as well as in the boardroom. At a time when issues of business ethics crowd the headlines-causing many leaders to question whether profit should be a leader's only goal-the practical applications of this book are more timely than ever. Awakening the Leader Within has been endorsed by more than thirty CEOs, thought leaders, and bestselling authors.

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LEADERSHIP NETWORKING: Connect, Collaborate, Create

Networking is essential to effective leadership in today's organizations. Leaders who are skilled networkers have access to people, information, and resources to help solve problems and create opportunities. Leaders who neglect their networks are missing out on a critical component of their role as leaders. This book will help leaders take a new view of networking and provide insight into how to enhance their networks and become effective at leadership networking.
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THE FOUR V's OF LEADERSHIP: Vision, Values, Value-added and Vitality

The Four Vs - Vision, Values, Value-added and Vitality – are the essential ingredients of effective leadership. They provide a framework for life and work that interrelates professional and personal priorities.

In The Four V’s of Leadership, experienced executive coach Peter Shaw leads you through difficult career and life situations using the four Vs, helping you to vision where you want to be, harness the values that drive you, release the value-added you bring to a role and grow your sources of vitality.

By working with this framework, your vision will become clearer. It might be a specific vision in terms of your work or your community. You will enable change to happen. Your values will be consistent across each aspect of your life. You will be looking at all your decisions in relation to your values. Your value-added will become clearer in each aspect of your life. You will not be daunted for long by setbacks but will develop the resilience to maintain your value-added whatever the pressures. You will move on from rigid definitions of work-life balance. You will find new sources of vitality and energy and use your time to influence others constructively. You will experiment with different ways of ensuring freshness and joy in your life.

Be ready to be challenged and inspired.

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THE ARC OF AMBITION: Defining the Leadership Journey

The Arc of Ambition is aimed at all those who dream of achieving greatness in any field. It is a handbook of lessons derived from the lives of great achievers past and present. The principles of this book come not from conventional psychology (clinical or theoretical) but from life experiences. They are derived from the authors long observation of ambitious people, both past and present in all walks of life.

The Arc of Ambition takes us on a journey through the creative process that transforms dreams into reality. Showcasing the life-changing experiences of dozens of contemporary and historical figures from the worlds of business, politics, science and the arts, The Arc of Ambition is an inspirational and practical guide to harnessing your ambition in order to live up to your highest potential and leave a legacy of accomplishment.

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SUSTAINING CHANGE: Leadership That Works

This is a book destined for leaders who wish to implement change more intelligently and effortlessly. Drawing on a combination of rigorous research and extensive organizational experience, the authors present a framework for leading change, Changing Leadership , that describes the specific leader practices they have found make the biggest difference between success and failure in implementing high magnitude change. In doing all of this, the leader works to make change happen in the day to day activity and conversations of the organization.
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LEADERSHIP THE HARD WAY: Why Leadership Can't Be Taught - And How You Can Learn It Anyway

Leadership the Hard Way presents a method of living and working that can truly facilitate the learning of leadership. Their method shows how to go against the current, fight conventional wisdom, and embrace the unexpected. It is about trusting oneself and valuing intuition, principles, and imagination as much as hard skills and analysis. Frohman combines his counterintuitive ideas with experiences from his own background from escaping the Nazis as a child to becoming a leading innovator in the semiconductor industry to show how readers can build their own leadership abilities. A leader s values and personality, he ultimately reveals, are the only sure source of stability in a world of continuous change.
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