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GET THE JOB YOU WANT, EVEN WHEN NO ONE'S HIRING: Take Charge of Your Career, Find a Job You Love, and Earn What You Deserve

A guide to finding a great job in any economy.
In good times or bad, no matter what the economic news of the day is, job-hunters with the right skills and strategies can find the job they're looking for. In Get The Job You Want, Even When No One's Hiring, Myers offers job search strategies that work even when the economy isn't. These skills and tactics are well known to those inside the job placement industry, but little known to most job hunters. This practical guide includes the kind of insider advice and effective tactics that readers will find nowhere else.

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: $19.95
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IS YOUR "NET" WORKING?: A Complete Guide to Building Contacts and Career Visibility

"This book is a masterpiece on networking. If you plan to stay in business, you can't afford to be without this wonderful information."
-Cavett Robert, CPAE, Chairman Emeritus, National Speakers Association, and President of Think People
"The purpose of business is building profitable relationships. This book gives the specific steps necessary to build a powerful network of contacts and business friends. It is a must for any success-oriented person." -Jim Cathcart, CPAE, author of Relationship Selling
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FIRST JOB: A New Grad's Guide to Launching Your Business Career

Why do some students seem to snap up the great jobs while others have trouble getting interviews? Richard Fein knows that luck has little to do with it. As a college placement director, he's worked with thousands of graduates over the past eleven years. This book contains the basic job search principles that have worked for these students. Step by step, Fein leads you through every phase of the job hunting process--from researching different career opportunities to preparing your resume to evaluating job offers. You'll follow the actual job hunt of seven college graduates.

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NAVIGATING YOUR CAREER: Twenty-One of America's Leading Headhunters Tell You How It's Done

In this unique new guide, twenty-one leading headhunters offer their invaluable insight and advice on choosing--and changing--career paths. Covering all the bases, these skilled search consultants take you through all the essentials, from starting a job search and interviewing with hiring managers to negotiating compensation packages and integrating into a new company. Along with complete details on international career opportunities, you'll find tips on the hottest industries of the next millennium, including financial services, technology, health care, and consulting.

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FIRING BACK: Power Strategies for Cutting the Best Deal When You're About to Lose Your Job

Turn the tables on termination! Firing Back gives you the ammunition you need to take charge and secure the best possible severance package. You'll find powerful, effective strategies for negotiation, as well as clear guidelines for creating the best conditions for your financial future. You'll also find scores of illuminating real-life stories --some tough, some hilarious --from people who've been there and survived.

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POWER INTERVIEWS: Job-Winning Tactics from Fortune 500 Recruiters, Revised and Expanded Edition

Interviewing in today's fiercely competitive job market can seem like walking through a minefield. New trends in corporate strategy and structure have led to dramatic changes in what employers look for in prospective employees and in the types of questions you will be asked during an interview.

In this revised and expanded edition of their bestselling career guide, two experienced counselors share their inside knowledge --and the expert advice of Fortune 500 recruiters --to equip you with the interviewing skills you need to land the job.

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